Vegan Ginger Bread Apple Pie with Frank May Fitness


Committing to a vegan lifestyle can be a hard sale. Mostly due to people dsiliking being told what to eat. Our generation hates restrictions, bigger than that they hate the word "no". When I used to think about vegans I would immediately think about all of the things they are missing out on versus all of the things they were gaining.

My personal trainer Frank May recently went vegan and although I love to refer to him as a "dirty vegan" because he still consumes a good number of processed vegan items and loves to recreate your favorite "comfort foods" to make them vegan friendly. I am not one for labels but can admit to being "veganish". So, when I was able to watch Frank create this Vegan Ginger Bread Apple Pie and actually taste it too...let's just say your girl was in heaven! Check out exactly how you can recreate this dish in your own kitchen.

What are some things you would like Frank to "veganize" ( I totally made that word up) next? Share in the comments below!