Conquering Limiting Beliefs with Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water


Do you ever feel there’s something standing in the way of your happiness? Do you ever think When I get “there,” I’ll be happy or When I finally have “this,” I’ll find joy or If I accomplish “that,” I’ll be at peace and feel good? There is something standing in the way of our happiness... OURSELVES! It’s difficult to notice just how often our own limiting beliefs - untrue stories about ourselves - keep us stuck living in mediocrity. We want joy and happiness, but our confidence – or lack thereof – and untrue stories keeps us trapped. I’ve been there. My biggest setbacks and discouragements in life came because I owned stories, from a very young age, that others told me about me that simply weren’t true. Somehow their stories became my own and turned into limiting beliefs that held me back. At one point in my life, I was completely consumed by fear, worry, and self-doubt. I was my own worst critic and never believed I was good enough. I was afraid to step into my own power. I became a master at shrinking to fit what everyone else expected of me—which I thought was very little. Maybe you identify with a variation of this story. Every individual—no matter how successful or unfortunate, wealthy or poor, old or young—is capable of overcoming their limiting beliefs and allowing themselves to step into their own happiness.

Brittanyinstagramvirtualgame (1).JPG

I have been in a mental funk the last couple of weeks and am going to attack this from the inside out, focusing on what I am putting in my body and how that may affect the other aspects of my life. Getting in the minimum 8 glasses of water is what is going to be my hardest struggle. Luckily, Gerolsteiner pairs well with fresh fruit and because it contains calcium and magnesium, I am getting an extra boost of healthy yummy goodness that should be just what I need to get moving and turn things around.

Find something - anything – to celebrate about YOU, every day. Meeting a deadline, a newly discovered talent, a good hair day. You deserve a 5-star award for what you accomplish. Be sure to applaud yourself every night.

BrittanyInstagramvirtualgame (2).JPG

Once we overcome our own limiting beliefs, we can transform our perspective, give ourselves permission to be our amazing, extraordinary, magical selves, and take back power over our own happiness. Make sure you join me in the Gerolsteiner Sparkling Detox Challenge! .

All Images Photographed by I'sha Gaines for FitxBrit

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Please Note: The product mentioned in this post was provided by the company. This post is sponsored. All comments about this product  are my own and I have and will always remain transparent about my opinions. I will not endorse any products that I would not use on my healthy living lifestyle journey. 

Handshakes & Hugs with Nike Football


This year the city of Dallas was blessed with the opportunity to host the NFL Draft and with that came a host of events to celebrate from the Dallas community. On the eve of the Draft in Frisco, the Nike Dallas family hosted an invite-only event to introduce some new items in collaboration with Hance Taplin that were designed specifically to honor all things Draft Day. The Handshakes & Hugs apparel line commemorates the drafting of former Dallas Cowboy greats Michael Irvin in 1988 and Troy Aikman in 1989. The nostalgia of the design which conveys the feeling and interactions that athletes feel on draft day while waiting for their names to be called immediately greeted by friends and family with the obligatory handshake and hug is both unique and directly aligned with the "eliteness" that comes with being associated with "America's Team".

Guests were given the opportunity to be enlightened by one of my favorite storytellers of all things Nike and sports, Rollo, who is an EKIN for Nike. He conducted an in-depth interview with the designer, Hance, where he shared his inspiration behind the design and the importance of the collaboration as well as interviewed special guest, man of the hour Michael Irvin. Yes, you read right, the Michael Irvin was in the building sharing gems, stories of his days in the NFL, and the impact of draft day on any young NFL prospect.

The Nike Dallas team never disappoints so, the night was complete with each attendee getting the opportunity to purchase the designs before the general public, listening to the sounds of the official DJ for the Dallas Mavericks, Poizon Ivy, and partake in light bites and drinks. The crowd was a mix of old Dallas familiar favorites as well as new crop of influencers, entrepreneurs, and media personalities.

The perfect scene for a photo shoot and you know that whenever I get the chance to link up with my boss babe bestie Chan that is what we are going to do. So, check out some more snaps below and make sure you check out her take on the night here.

All Images and Visuals JCI Creatives for FitXBrit

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Why I Rather Drink Than Eat

IMG_3119 (1).jpg

One thing you will never hear me claim to be is a nutritional expert. I prefer the term “enthusiast.” Why? Because I know so much about nutrition, I am intrigued about learning more, and it is genuinely a passion of mine to grow in this area and help others determine how to do fitness on their own terms. But, despite what researchers and “experts” may say, Brittany is always going to do what Brittany feels is best for Brittany. You’ve heard me say it before and you’ll hear me say it again today, to me there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to health and fitness. There just isn’t, in my opinion. Some people would tell you that you should never, ever drink your calories; that all of the energy you take should come from solid foods.I am not one of those people! Like everything else, balance is super important as well as making good choices.

Everyone knows that I am addicted to juicing and making smoothies. Mostly because it is a convenient way to stay focused on my goals and still make sure that I am taking in enough nutrients for the day. I still make sure to eat solid food as well but I have always been more of a grazer than someone who wants to sit down and eat full meals on the regular. But, one thing that has always been a concern for me is getting in enough protein.

I am not much of a meat eater at all and only keep seafood in the house - and, even that is rare. Beans are another great source of protein but, because of my threenagers digestive issues beans are a no-no for her and I always try my best to maintain the same diet restrictions she does when we are in each other’s presence. Through our smoothie obsessions we are able to consume a large amount of leafy greens which contain protein but, sometimes you even need a break from that.

image (1).JPG

Recently, I was introduced to Fizzique which is the only refreshing sparkling protein water on the market. Now, you know how I feel about sparkling water so I have to admit I was definitely intrigued. This drink uses something called Protein Fizzology™ which is a multi-patented technology that infuses protein into sparkling water by combining liquid protein with refreshing bubbles. Don’t get it confused though; Fizzique is not a meal replacement. It is a refreshing, high-protein pick-me-up scientifically proven to kick-start your energy and satisfy hunger between meals. The 20g of healthy bubbles consumed at mid-morning and again in the early afternoon will reduce your cravings for a high carb snack. Research shows that sipping 2g of whey protein (10% of a can of fizzique) every 15-20 minutes fuels your muscles and mind better than chugging 30g of whey protein or casein. This is great for those of us who are constantly trying different brands of protein powders but are sometimes left feeling unsatisfied because, let's face it: protein shakes are often times chalky and leave an aftertaste.

Fizzique is the perfect light and refreshing on-the-go option that does not need mixing and is not heavy, thick, or chalky. No muss, no fuss. Plus, it comes in two fun flavors: strawberry watermelon and lemon lime. You know I am hitting you with a discount code so that you can try it out and save some coins, right? My only suggestion is to make sure that you #DrinkFizzique when it is super chilled, like really cold. If not, you may walk away a tad bit disappointed. But, when it is cold, boy is it good!

You can use code “BRITFIZZIQUE” to get a discount at checkout! Shop Fizzique below.

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Please Note: The product mentioned in this post was provided by Fizzique. This post is sponsored. All comments about this product are my own and I have and will always remain transparent about my opinions. I will not endorse any products that I would not use on my healthy living lifestyle journey

On Your Mat, Get Set, Flow: Wanderlust 108 Dallas

 Photo by Arik Cardenas for Wanderlust Festival

Photo by Arik Cardenas for Wanderlust Festival

They say that your vibe attracts your tribe and I would have to say after this past weekend I definitely agree. On April 15, 2018 in Dallas hundreds of people who mostly did not know one another joined together for a mindful triathlon. The energy was AMAZING and I was grateful enough to be able to share this moment with one of my closest friends, Editor-In-Chief of CNK Daily Channing Beumer who was just as geeked as myself because duh: adidas.

 Photo by Arik Cardenas for Wanderlust Festival

Photo by Arik Cardenas for Wanderlust Festival

I have spent the past three years really focusing on mindfulness and conquering my thoughts, and although I am not where I want to be, I am growing stronger each and every day. My yoga practice and especially my meditation practice is something that I hold really close to my heart which is why this mindful triathlon is something that I have consistently looked forward to these last three years. But, I have to be honest and tell you guys that running is not my thing. With temperatures in the low 40’s and the wind blowing at a disrespectful rate, I was not looking forward to it at all.

 Photo by Arik Cardenas for Wanderlust Festival

Photo by Arik Cardenas for Wanderlust Festival

The Run

The morning starts with a 5k led by a dynamic adidas x wanderlust run leader who walks you through a stretch routine before the race begins. Unlike other races this run seems to be more about completing something, focusing on the challenge at hand, and doing it at your pace and on your terms. There was no timers and race results were not published, which makes it more about you and less about competing with others.

The Yoga

Location is everything. Much like my past experiences, the universe was in my favor and due to the wind blowing away a good number of the mats that were laid out prior to the race, I had a perfect location. Yoga was led by Chelsey Korus who really challenged each participant to activate their hearts and mind in order to create a deeper connection not only with themselves, but with everyone around them as well. There were so many flows that encouraged activation with those around you which really took the experience to another level.

My Main Takeaways

  1. This week, I will not succumb to feelings. I will walk in freedom and know, through faith, that I am forgiven and fulfilled.
  2. Refuse, today, to pour from an empty place.
  3. It is not my job to maintain the expectations of others.
  4. The things that weigh me down were never mine to carry so, I let it go.

These words, these mantras, will ground me this week and have been added to my vision board. They literally spoke to my soul and were the much needed confirmation on some life changing decisions that I have been praying on lately. You see I asked God to reveal to me that my journey has not been in vain, that I am moving in the right direction. In just seventy five minutes, Chelsey was able to bring out things in me that I have been battling with for the last couple of years. With all things, it is important to not only take in the moment, but also make sure that you have a tangible plan on how to stay in that flow. Forever grateful.

The Meditation

I have to be honest and say that this is what I was most looking forward to and this was probably one of the more disappointing parts for me. I had my heart set on connecting with Noah Levine because the work that he does and the levels he can help you achieve in just one session with him are intense. But, due to unforeseen circumstances, he was unable to attend. You could tell that the crowd was disappointed but his replacement definitely stepped in and gave it her all.

Kula Market

If at any time you feel like you need a break from it all or you can head to Kula Market, which is where the adidas wanderlust shop was located. It was packed from the entire day with people making last minute purchases, buying new shoes, and checking out all of the products that adidas has to offer. Food trucks, tarot cards, essential oils, aerial yoga, acroyoga, hula hooping, and bodyworking were available throughout the day. Treats from Hoist, Flow, Ford, and Dr. Kombucha were available for sampling. I mean who doesn’t like to be introduced to some new things.

The Gear

I was super excited to be able to rock some of the pieces from the exclusive Wanderlust collection in partnership with adidas thanks to Six:02. There is not a piece in this collection that you would not swoon over and pairing them with the adidas pure boost x in gray had your girl all kinds of Wanderlust ready! Added my most favorite crystal choice (amethyst) from Karma Bliss and my look was complete. Shop the collection and my outfit below.

I needed Wanderlust, you need Wanderlust. So you can check here and figure out when you can get some Wanderlust in your life! Have you ever experienced a mindful triathlon? After reading this does it make you want to?


Please Note:  This post is sponsored. All comments about this events are my own and I have and will always remain transparent about my opinions. I will not endorse any events that I would not attend on my healthy living lifestyle journey

All Images by Arik Cardenas for Wanderlust Festival

The Sweet Defeat: Fighting Sugar Cravings


I love the saying, “when you know better, you do better” but, how often does that actually ring true? I know that in order for my body to function at its prime that I need 3-4 meals a day and two snacks. However, I often skip meals when my money isn’t right or time isn’t on my side. This results in me having a serious case of hangry! You know this oh-so-well, when you are in between hungry and angry. I am not the best person to be around when I get to that point and the important people in my life know to keep a pack of almonds on deck. I also know that my weekly bag of gummy bears is not helping me to obtain any of the goals that I have set for myself in 2018 but, that doesn’t stop my weekly purchase.

So why do we crave sugar? For so many reasons….

We Are Emotional Eating


“Sugar actually lights up the pleasure and reward center of our brain, the same way if someone’s giving you a smile or a mother-and-child bond, even falling in love. So, it makes perfect sense [that] when we eat sugar, we want more of it.” - Rebecca Scritchfield

We Are Tired


When we eat sugar your body gets a boost of energy (a very very temporary boost), mostly due to the fact that our body can turn sugar into energy at a super fast pace so when you are craving sugar most of the time your body just needs fuel. Sugar does not contain any nutritional value to your day, which makes it pointless to consume in my opinion. Ask yourself, when was the last time you ate? Was it enough? How much of your meal consisted of processed foods? All of those are factors that can aid to your body needing fuel.

The list goes on and on but, the bigger question is what can you do in the interim, while you are changing your eating habits, and water consumption? I have recently decided to try Sweet Defeat and although I was skeptical at first, the results have been pretty amazing to say the least. Because of the goals I have set for myself limiting my sugar consumption is definitely necessary. One little lozenge (that tastes like a mint) delivers an instant fix to all of your sugar cravings with just three simple main and natural ingredients: mint, gymnema extract, and zinc. This can help be the boost to your morning routine, in my case I feel that sweet defeat has helped me to naturally crave whole foods, and avoid compulsive snacking. What do I mean when I say that? If you usually wake up craving donuts sweet defeat can aide in you choosing oatmeal instead. There is nothing better that eating “real food” vs processed foods.

So, what’s not to love?! It’s at least worth a try and I have a special gift too! You can use code FITXBRIT50 and receive 50% off of your first order. Click below.

What are some of your favorite sweets that you can’t seem to shake? Do you think you would give
Sweet Defeat a try?

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Please Note: The product mentioned in this post was provided by Sweet Defeat. This post is sponsored. All comments about this product are my own and I have and will always remain transparent about my opinions. I will not endorse any products that I would not use on my healthy living lifestyle journey

November Fit Finds: Ready Heroes Fitness Camp


Many people may not know that I am a Fort Worth, Texas native and one thing that I have noticed while being on the fitness scene in the DFW Metroplex is that everything is centered around the city of Dallas. People will travel 45 minutes to attend the boot camp series that I co-host with core fitness at Klyde Warren Park and when I ask them what brings them out the response is usually that there isn’t anything going on where they live. I quickly let them know that the Metroplex is full of great fitness spots and maybe they just haven't really dug deep to take advantage of all that the different cities have to offer. This led me to the conclusion that I need to use this platform to bring attention to the dope fitness that is taking place outside of the Dallas City limits because, believe me, there is a lot going on that you guys are missing out on. That said, why not start off in my hometown of Fort Worth, Texas?!

So, let’s talk Ready Heroes Fitness Camp, shall we? You may recognize one of the owners from our #LiveYourFitEveryDay Series that we started at the initial launch of the site. Well, so much has changed for him in a little over a year! His gym is growing and offering so much to the Fort Worth community! From fun fitness excursions, yoga, bootcamp style classes, and even mindset courses to push their fitfam to develop all parts of self.


Location: 4825 Packard Ct. Suite D, Forest Hill, TX 76119

Times: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday; 5a,5p, 6:15p, 7:30p, Friday,5p,6:15p

Services : Boot camps, yoga, one on personal training, small group training, online training, Growth Mindset empowerment seminars At the Ready Heroes Fitness Camp, we believe in a holistic approach to health/wellness. Whether a client’s goal is fat loss, weight loss, building muscle, etc. We firmly believe that the 1st goal established must be consistency. More importantly, your goals must be in harmony with how you think because what good is it to set a goal and not have the belief that you can achieve it. This is the importance of the Growth Mindset, and it is the heart and soul of the Ready Heroes Fitness Camp. With the Growth Mindset, we empower our clients to: Recognize you have a choice and the capacity to change. Embrace the process which means to make small incremental changes that lead to long lasting results. The quick fix mentality ALWAYS leads to failure. Embrace setbacks and failures. Setbacks and failures are a part of the process, and not the end result. Embracing this idea provides a buffer against defeatism which will develop the grit and determination to realize your potential.

Our mission is to empower the community by providing a holistic approach to health/wellness. We provide a transformative experience through physical activity, nutritional guidance, and community service. Our core values of Support, Teamwork, and Encouragement & Motivation create a thriving growth mindset culture with an impact that transcends fitness.

Vision Through the development of the mind and body, we aspire to be community oriented leaders in health/wellness.

Core Values

Support: Thoroughly educating clients on the related aspects of health/wellness, while empowering them to take ownership in their own journey.

Teamwork: Understanding that being a part of a community is a powerful agent for change. Thus, we develop a community of like-minded individuals who all believe in their capacity for change.

Encouragement: Viewing mistakes, setbacks, and failures through the lens of the growth mindset. All of the aforementioned are opportunities to learn and improve.

Motivation: Engaging clients in a way that makes fitness accessible and fun.

Motto: Become fit; change your body. Become a hero; change your life.


So who is down for some fun with the amazing trainers at Ready Heroes Fitness Camp?! Make sure you contact them and let them know I sent you!

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Amazing Grass Elixirs For Your Mind, Body, and Soul


The theme for 2017 has definitely been to make sure you are taking care of the “whole” person and it seems as though brands are following suit with a growing number of products that benefit individuals on three different fronts: mind, body, and soul. Amazing Grass is joining in on the fun with their new line of elixirs that are geared towards enhancing your brain, belly and beauty. Cool concept, huh?! I mean, I don’t know about you but those are probably the top 3 areas of concern for most of us so, why not ensure that you are utilizing sources that can enhance that?

All three elixirs contain greens and adaptogens to improve your health. The catch being that in order to see real results the supplements will need to be consumed regularly so that you can enjoy the benefits long-term.



The plant-based powder contains chaga, hibiscus flower, Indian gooseberry (amla fruit), aloe vera, maqui, yumberry, camu camu, lucuma, and blueberry choice. One single serving gives you 100% daily value of plant-based biotin, which helps to support healthy skin, nails, and hair.



The Brain Elixir is generated from matcha green tea, lion’s mane, chocamine, bacopa, and maca, mixed with lemon balm, sage, and turmeric.



Provides soothing digestive support and aids gut health by combining 1 billion probiotics with Actazin Kiwi, turmeric, holy basil, yacon, and astragalus with essential spices like ginger, peppermint, and cardamom.

After trying out the products for a month, I am completely sold on the belly formula and saw immediate results. My “mom brain” is on level 10 so I can not honestly say that I saw major differences from the brain formula and since I was already taking a product for my hair, skin, and nails I cannot 100% attribute any growth in those areas to the amazing grass elixirs but I will say the beauty blend was the tastiest hands down. Mixing these three in your favorite smoothie recipe is my recommendation FOR SURE! I have a friend that just mixes them with water and I tried it but I am not about that life at all.


The biggest selling point is how reasonably priced these are! But, for the next couple of weeks you can use code "SweatPink17" and get 40% off of all of your orders to really maximize on being healthy and frugal! So which elixir are you excited to try out first?


Getting The Star Treatment with Nike Football and The Dallas Cowboys


A couple of weeks ago I had what was by far my top experience of 2017 to date! In all honesty, this may have been one of the best experiences I have encountered since starting FitXBrit almost three years ago. To say that Nike Dallas gave myself and a few other of Texas’s influencers and bosses in their own right the star treatment is barely giving you a full taste of what we were able to experience.

I first want to go on record saying that I am not a football girl. I mean, I know the sport very well because I took a full semester of Football 101 with Kenny Masenda who has to be one of the most knowledgeable sports enthusiasts I know. I spent countless afternoons listening to Galloway, watching film, and taking in every football movie known to man (‘Every Given Sunday’ is definitely my fav)! But, my heart will always belong to James Naismith. Or so I thought…

Being born and raised in the DFW metroplex, by default I consider myself a Dallas Cowboys fan. The franchise opened up a new practice facility last year and when I was personally invited out for a day at The Star in Frisco by our friends at Nike I genuinely was excited. So excited that I took off of work even though school had just started that week. Viewing the facilities is something that I would recommend to any Cowboy’s fan, in fact, it should be part of the criteria to even be considered to be an official fan of the team!


Not only does The Star in Frisco host all of the official practices for the team but they are also the host to a plethora of high school games during the season as well, as they are the home for Frisco ISD athletics. Anyone who knows about Friday Night Lights in Texas knows that everything Texas football related is done in a major way and for those that are fortunate enough to play any Frisco team, the experience will be well worth it.

We were escorted to our destination from the Nike offices in style courtesy of the official Dallas Cowboys bus that the big man Jerry Jones himself uses. Although the drive was short, it was made even more enjoyable by Nike EKIN Rollo who is a wealth of knowledge on all things Nike and sports in general. I felt like a small child at story time the entire day just waiting for the next tidbit that he would share.

It’s like they knew I was coming because as soon as we arrived we were greeted with guess what?! SMOOTHIES! Of course, I went for the green one as we were escorted to the Nike shop where we were gifted with one of the 214 ever made “No Place Like Home” shirts that were customized with our Instagram handles and can be purchased only at the Frisco Nike store, so you better schedule a trip really soon!

Grade A seating to watch “The Boys” practice and a V.I.P tour of the “ The Star” where we saw players, coaches, and my favorite: the war room. Yes, I was officially in the room where all of the big decisions are made on draft day. I soaked up so much information and was literally walking around with my mouth wide open in awe the entire time!

If that wasn’t enough, we were treated to the full athlete treatment with cryotherapy at Cowboy Fit! I am a regular cryotherapy participant but there is nothing like sharing the experience to be in a chamber that may or may not have once been used by an official Dallas Cowboy, or better yet enjoying your best friend’s first time joining the polar club by making it the full 3 minutes while jamming out to Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow”! Definitely one for the books! Add a Normatec compression session and a water massage that left me feeling some type of way, and this girl was a happy camper!

As much as I love a good workout, the moment that I was dreading the most was the intense session that was to come led by one of Nike’s best trainers. They eased us into the experience by surprising us in the locker room with some amazing gear and leading us out to the field for a sweat session. We did drills, and guys, I actually caught a football. That’s a huge deal for me because I hate to admit this but I have never in my life even tried. The drills were not an issue but incorporate a football into the mix and it was a whole different story. Each participant was gifted with a custom pair of Nike’s new Alpha Menace Elite designed by local artist Miguel Donjuan, and while these will probably NEVER touch a real field because they are just that dope I definitely recommended them to all of the football players that I teach and was definitely the cool teacher for the first week of school based off of the experience alone.

I personally was super surprised at just how affordable the Cowboy Fit training facilities are and would highly recommend a membership to anyone in close proximity before they change their minds. Lol. You will literally feel like you are training like a pro just by stepping foot into this amazing space.

My first up close and personal experience with the Nike family was simply amazing. I am forever grateful for the knowledge, takeaways, the amazing people that I was able to meet and just the overall experience. That day, that moment let me know that all of my hard work is not in vain. Forever grateful.  

Check Out Nike's Season Kick-Off Campaign Highlighting Some Of The NFL's Star Players! 

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Note: I've partnered with Nike to bring you this post. All views and opinions remain my own. 

The 3 Things You Must Experience in Oklahoma City

So, last week I hit you guys with a recap of our girls getaway and how we spent our first 24 hours in a whirlwind of fun courtesy of Visit Norman. Well first off, I can’t be the only one that did not know that Norman and Oklahoma City are literally like thirty minutes apart. So, when I was gearing up for the second leg of our trip I really got comfortable in our CX-9’s provided by Mazda but, as soon as I closed my eyes we were there! Lol.

Because Oklahoma City has so much to offer, Visit OKC really did a great job of giving us a tour of their great city and there is literally SO Much to do that I am already planning my next trip back because I feel like I still have so much to explore! Of course I want to share my biggest takeaways so that you can get started on planning your next trip too!

Foodie Finds


If you don’t know anything about me just know that I can eat. Like literally I get hungry about every 3-4 hours and going out to eat is always a new adventure and doing it out of town is even more fun because it’s a fresh experience. Being able to eat three meals a day at places I have never tried had me like a kid in a candy shop. But, if I had to give you one place that you have to visit while in OKC it would have to be Barrios! I love Mexican food more than any other food in the world and Barrios definitely delivered! On top of that, their creative drink menu was the cherry on the sundae and I enjoyed watching everyone at the table try different drinks. My favorite was the prickly cactus, which I paired with my shrimp fajitas that came highly recommended from our waitress. Normally, I do not want to order an appetizer because I am set on making sure I have enough room to finish my meal but, you can not leave without indulging in their queso and guac

Here are some other foodie finds that are definitely worth your time if you will be in OKC for an extended amount of time:

  1. Waffle Champion

  2. Hall’s Pizza Kitchen

  3. The Drake


I love hotels. I mean, if I could afford it I would make sure to take a monthly staycation or vacation just to sleep in a new space and experience living without the pressure of cleaning up after myself! Lol! But the 21C Museum Hotel in OKC was like no hotel I have EVER experienced in my 30+ years of life. I mean, first off the hotel is literally a museum so there is artwork everywhere! I love the fresh designs and the contemporary feel that the atmosphere brings. The staff was so accommodating and friendly. Anytime I touched the first floor, someone was there offering coffee to get my day started and that was such an added bonus. Now, if only they had flavored creamer. Oh, and did I mention the San Antonio FC were staying there at the same time!? I was definitely ok with the eye candy and watching the team workouts in the morning before heading out!

Looking for Some other Hotel Options?

  1. The Skirvin Hilton

  2. Aloft Bricktown

  3. Sheraton Oklahoma City


I am all about trying new things in moderation so, when rock climbing was on the agenda that we were sent prior to departure I was so geeked! Indoor rock climbing at Climb Up was so much fun and informative! There were so many different areas where we were able to test our skills and I had so much fun trying to push myself to reach the top. The orientation was intense so make sure that you block off about 45 minutes for that alone but, it helped me to feel more confident during the experience!

Things to do in OKC

  1. Wheeler District

  2. RiverSport Adventures

  3. Drinks at the 21C Hotel

I feel like maybe you are itching to plan a trip to OKC, aren’t you? Well, I know that I did my part in getting you prepared with the places that you have to go to! What do you guys think?

All images courtesy of my DFA Blogger Babes

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Norman Diaries

IMG_1694 (1).JPG

What happens when you put six blogger babes together on a four day road trip to explore two of Oklahoma’s best cities? Well, you get lots of pictures, prolonged meals due to taking all of the dope pictures, fun adventures, funny stories, and a girls getaway series that will literally have you planning your trip to Oklahoma by the end of the last line.

Yes! We had so much fun and did so many new things that I just couldn’t do it justice in one blog post. I tried and failed and just figured it would be better this way. Drive Shop really hooked us up by providing the group with the two really nice Mazda’s, so the ride there was smooth and full of trap music playlists (thanks Jerrica) and snacks. I haven’t been a backseat driver to a road trip in a minute and was instantly reminded of my car sickness once we got out of the city limits (no I didn’t puke, but I was so nauseous) and just focused on resting up for what I was sure was going to be an action-packed weekend.

We were able to spend 24 hrs in Norman, Oklahoma and stayed in the Marriott Conference Center. I personally have never felt more welcomed and rarely am greeted with gifts when I go on trips so, I was super geeked to arrive in our hotel room with treats from Stefanie from the Visit Norman team (the socks were my fav). She had set us up with an evening out at HeyDay Entertainment. Picture this: bowling, food, games, and laser tag! I felt like a teenager again and this was the perfect setting for a little friendly competition and a chance to just let loose and breathe! Sometimes you do not know how much you need to just unplug. I had my best bowling game to date and, although my team did not win at the laser tag, I made it to the top scorer list.

The Marriott Convention Center Hotel is a fitness enthusiast’s dream. The amenities were amazing. I was able to enjoy shooting hoops with my girls, did a little Flex and Flow HIIT Yoga, and took in a little sun at the pool. The gym had pretty much any and everything you could think of and I can see why this would be a top stay for any athletic groups visiting Norman. There was a cheerleading competition that was going on which equals lots of sequins, makeup, and girls squealing...but as a former cheerleading coach, it was fun.

Stefanie of Visit Norman treated us to lunch at Volare and also set up a tour for us to take in the National Weather Center before we headed out to our next city. Volare was such a cute spot and the pizza combinations were so creative! My favorite would have to be the King Parma that had prosciutto on top! Even though I knew I couldn't possibly take in any more food, that didn’t stop me from trying because leaving Norman without trying Baked Bear would have been the worst decision ever!

I was super excited about the National Weather Center because I wanted to see the people that determine when we are issued a warning or a watch. I wish we would have had the opportunity to talk to them but hey there was literally like six people that are responsible for monitoring everything so I totally understood why they may have been a little busy.

There is no way that I will not be visiting Norman again! I mean, I feel like I missed out on so many other eateries and cool things that the city had to offer! Who knew what I though was just a small town could pack such a large punch when it comes to fun!

All images courtesy of my DFA Blogger Babes

I’ve partnered with VisitNorman VisitOKC to bring you this post. All opinions remain my own.

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Take The Time For YOU

A consistent theme you may have seen on the site this year is finding ways to find balance in your life and making the conscious effort to take care of ourselves. Whether you are the single mom that is holding down several jobs just to make things work, the single girl that is toying with starting her own business and dealing with the pressures of everyday society, or even the guy that is stressing over how to keep his wife happy and be able to keep the bills paid and food on the table, we are all just trying to live this thing called life.

One thing that I am in the process of learning is that “me time” is for everyone’s benefit, and just a couple of hours at Riviera Spa last month, really did the trick for me. Riviera Spa is located in Dallas, Texas and offers so many services. Like, you can definitely try something new each time you visit and they even offer membership packages in order to make your experience affordable as well as enjoyable.

On this particular day, I started off with a Signature Wellness massage that created the atmosphere for an amazing day. The lighting and music choices put me in a peaceful place before we even got started and my massage therapist was the perfect combination of informative while still knowing when it was time to stop the chatter and allow me to take in the experience without me having to stick my earbuds in. This, by the way, is my usual cue when I have received massages at other places. She helped me to understand that because I am active, it is very important for me to invest in myself by getting a message regardless of where I go. But, I am definitely coming back to Riviera Spa! Once you have had caviar, you can’t go back to Spam now can you?


Fun Facts

1) A massage improves blood circulation, which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

2) Massage therapy can help with pain management in chronic conditions such as arthritis, sciatica and muscle spasms.

Then I was given the opportunity to receive an Eminence Organic Facial. Can you believe I have never had a facial? Partially because I thought they were out of my budget and also because I always get so many compliments on my skin that I just thought I did not need one, in all honesty. But the reality is that I did, while my technician did compliment my flawless skin I was also informed of some aging that had occurred and now understand how important maintenance is. Have you ever met someone and just clicked? Well, this is what happened during my facial. I left feeling like I wanted to be friends in real life. Using herbs and other natural ingredients was a plus because I am super careful about the things I put on my skin and have heard of people getting facials and leaving with burns, etc. None of that here! It tickled, if anything, but the after glow… was magical. Next time, I really want to try a firming detox peel!

Fun Facts

1) By regularly getting the gunk out of your pores, your skin will breathe better, look healthier and suffer fewer breakouts and a trained aesthetician is the best person for the job.

2) Deep-cleansing facials make up for our lazy ways by thoroughly removing dirt and oil build-up without drying the skin. Proper cleansing means your pores will be refined and your complexion will look and feel rejuvenated.

Of course the day would not be complete without a Spa mani/pedi! I love getting my nails done first so that I have more nail dry time because I am always messing them up and I did not even have to suggest it because they already knew. That was a first for me! I was treated to Lavender Champagne for another element to aide in my relaxation and got to discuss healthy eating with my nail technician. She was so interested in how to shift her own eating habits and I had a great time giving her all of my tips. And guys, guess what? I went two whole weeks without any chips or anything!


Fun Facts

1) Both the physical and mental health benefits of getting a manicure and pedicure are incredible. Your feet and hands will both look and feel great, your stress will go down, and your circulation will increase.

2) In addition to exfoliating, moisturizers and cuticle treatments are massaged into the skin in a professional mani-pedi. This massage action is not only incredibly relaxing, it also helps to improve blood circulation to your extremities. This can reduce pain and help your body distribute heat during cold months.


So, how many of my Dallas family are going to give Riviera Spa a try? Tell them FitXBrit sent you!

I’ve partnered with Riviera Spa to bring you this post. All opinions remain my own.

Cheat Day The Right Way

One thing that you must know about me is that I am not one for a rigid eating plan. It’s just not me. My personal philosophy for a healthy lifestyle is this: figure out what works for you and do it. If you can’t figure it out, seek the assistance of someone who can push you in the right direction. So with that being said, the title of this post may be a little misleading. I myself do not do cheat days. I have gotten to the point where I know what to eat 95% of the time and if I just want something different I do it - in moderation, of course. And, if I do it you better know that I am going to make it worth it.

That didn’t stop me from doing a little research in order to get a little background on both the benefits and disadvantages of including cheat days in your plan. It seems as though small and short periods of overeating can help you boost your metabolism as well as have positive effects on hormone levels but, how does it affect us mentally? As Dr. Melanie Greenberg, PhD, a clinical psychologist in Mill Valley, CA, explains, “Ultimately, you have to find something that will work for [the long-run]. It’s not what you can do — it’s what you can keep up.” With that being said, if your dietary restrictions require you to rely on your “cheat days” to get you through the week then maybe, just maybe, that approach may not be sustainable for the long run. In my opinion, there is no point in crash dieting or creating lifestyle changes that you do not plan to maintain because as soon as you shift back to your old habits, all of that work you have done previously is in vain. Not only does your body physically revert back to your old habits, internally you will begin to feel the change in terms of what you are using to fuel your body. So, what healthy lifestyle changes can you maintain for the long run? What about instead of ordering your pizza you create your own healthy alternative at home? That chocolate shake you get everyday on your way home from work? Replace it with a smoothie that is reminiscent of a shake at Braums. Yup, it can actually get that good!

Then, there are those times when you just have to get what you want and not feel any way about it. Otherwise you tend to indulge in everything except for the thing you have really been craving. That’s a bit counterproductive, don’t you think?

Sweets are one of my weaknesses so when I am having a sugar craving (which normally is about once a month) I make my way to Milk n’Cream in Dallas, Texas for a warm glazed donut filled with ice cream. I promise you it is as good as it sounds! With several ice cream options and cereal combinations you can mix and match so that each visit feels like your first experience. My favorite is hands down the ‘Cookie Monster’ and each time I visit I leave in a guilt- free sugar coma!

This isn’t a place where you go to sit and catch up with friends, seeing as though the space at the Dallas location is very limited. But, it serves it’s purpose which is to provide you with an amazing sweet treat that is unique in it’s design and taste. Don’t worry if you aren’t one for ice cream with your doughnuts - you can also indulge in a cone or a cup but. for my dallas peeps and those making plans to visit Dallas soon, I definitely suggest that you add this to your stop!

So, what’s your take on cheat days/meals?  When you do indulge what are some of your favorite eateries and or meals to partake in? Let us know!

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More Than Just A Coffee Shop: Toasted+Coffee Kitchen

As a blogger, I am always looking for a change of scenery to collect my thoughts and get productive and with the growing number of coffee shops circulating in Dallas sometimes it can be hard to separate those that are popular for a good photoshoot and those that provide a genuinely dope vibe and, in this case, a creative menu that pairs well with any study session, work date, or catch up session. We have found that in Toasted+Coffee Kitchen.

I was first introduced to Toasted+Coffee Kitchen I was first introduced to Toasted+Coffee Kitchen when the folks at Instagram came into town and invited a few local fitness bloggers and influencers out to learn about some of the new additions that are coming down the line from the Instagram team. Because of Toasted’s large layout, we were able to have private meeting in their upstairs area complete with uniquely curated toast selections and the perfect caffeine pick me up. I knew I would be back.

On Sundays I try to take a couple of kid free hours to get ready for the upcoming week and because those 3-4 hours (when I do get them) really set the tone for the next 5-6 days that are to follow. I write blog posts for the week, work on my editorial calendar, meal plan for the week, get in some intense journaling, and just breathe. With so much to accomplish in a short amount of time, location is key.

Not only does this coffee shop know how to construct a mean chai tea latte (I really do consider myself a connoisseur of soy chai tea lattes), but they treat each caffeine creation like a work of art, and it is presented as such, which makes it taste that much better!

We all know that the “toast trend” has been overdone a bit in the city of Dallas and I have ventured out into these D-Town streets and have had my fair share of toast delectables, but I can honestly say that none of them has compared to what the team at Toasted+Coffee Kitchen has to offer. I do wish that the bread was little thinner, if I am being completely honest, but that is just a personal preference. They definitely make up for it with the generous number of combinations that they offer and the super dope names that are featured on both their daily menu and their “Special Menu” that is available from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Check out some of my favorite menu items.

* Eggs In Jail: Benedict poached egg incarcerated in a circle of bacon & toast w/ hollandaise

*Ricotta Be Kidding: Country bread, strawberries, ricotta cheese, & basil garnish

* Toast Ma Goats : House bread, sweet goat cheese, pear slices, pecans, & honey drizzle

So what do you think Dallas? Will you be giving Toasted+Coffee Kitchen a try? What menu item are you most excited to try out?

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Riding The Wave with Mizuno and Dick's Sporting Goods

Tracking Pixel

I was recently invited out as a paid influencer to Dick’s Sporting Goods in Allen, Texas to attend a private event hosted by Mizuno to showcase all of the amazing innovations that are taking place at Dick’s Sporting Good stores nationwide (more on that later) and to get an in-depth and interactive look at Mizuno’s newly released Wave Rider 20.

Prior to the event, I was familiar with the Mizuno brand but had never ventured to my local Dick’s store to actually try on a pair - that was my first mistake.

While at the event, I was greeted with familiar faces, several of Dallas’s most notable fitness bloggers were in attendance and it was great to know that whatever surprises were coming my way wouldn’t be taken on alone. Plus, each invitee got a plus one so I just had to bring my partner and crime, and favorite shoe connoisseur Chan of CNK Daily with me to join in on all of the fun to be had.

After allowing us to get acquainted with each other and with the brand, we had the opportunity to meet with our local Mizuno rep CJ, who gave us the rundown on all things Wave Rider. I definitely ended my time with him feeling like I knew almost everything about what Mizuno has to offer as a brand.


As part of the experience, they gifted me with a pair of Waver Rider 20’s for both myself and my guest. How cool is that?!

Plus, we immediately had the opportunity to take them out for a ride when we competed in a store-wide scavenger hunt, which took us around Dick's Sporting Goods to find a pretty detailed list of products that they offer.  And this girl here could not find the shoe laces, while stationed in the shoe section, to save my life. Needless to say, Chan and I did not win but I enjoyed running around the store, confusing customers, and taking my new running shoes out for a spin!

Now you guys know that I am a serial learner, I mean I only stopped going to school because I had Peyton and student loans are not the business.  If not for that,  I  would so be Lynn from ‘Girlfriends’ - remember that series!?! That said, I had so many fun fact takeaways from the event and since I tend to ramble, let me leave you guys with my top 3:


1. The concept of the Wave Rider was inspired by a study focusing on the wings of insects and how through time they have become lighter in weight, yet stronger overall. I think that is pretty cool.

2. The Wave Rider 20 is the longest-standing running shoe that the brand offers. Probably because of it’s popularity with runners who love a soft cushion and the “wave” feel that Mizuno is known for providing with their ever evolving wave technology. 

3. Dick's Sporting Goods stores are transitioning nation wide to now offer interactive shoe fitting stations that are definitely going to be a fan favorite. The Allen location even had a treadmill on site so that you can try out your shoes after your personalized fitting! Because, walking back and forth and jumping up and down, sometimes just isn’t enough, you know?





I wish I could have brought all of you guys with me to the event, but hopefully after reading this you feel just like you were there! Planning on giving the Wave Rider 20 a try? Head over to your local Dick’s Sporting Goods store and tell them FitXBrit sent ya!



Happy Pinning!


Please Note:  This post is sponsored by Mizuno .All comments about the product, brand, and event are my own and I have and will always remain transparent about my opinions. I will not endorse anything that I would not use on my own healthy living lifestyle journey.

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There is More to Bishop Arts Than Brunch

Anyone that knows me knows that I am terribly scared of commitment.  I just am.  I wish I had a long back story where I could explain exactly what, why, when, and how it happened but I can’t. It is just something that I know and recognize about myself and am working on daily. My fear has worked to my benefit in some areas. I mean, how else would I be able to bring you all things Dallas fitness related if I just stuck to one thing?! Welp, I am going to have to figure out a way to do both because I think I may have found a fitness match.

You may remember Core from the L.Y.F.E. series feature we did with owners Frank May and Anibal Cuevas.  Located in the heart of Oak Cliff, and just seconds away from Bishop Arts, you can find Core Fitness in a storefront on Jefferson Blvd. In a field dominated by boutique-style workouts it is hard to get noticed when the core of your brand is simply pouring your expertise into whoever walks through your door and, by any means necessary, making sure that they leave more knowledgeable and sweatier than when they entered. But, that is exactly what you will get from the community of members and trainers at Core Fitness.  

Read: L.Y.F.E Gives You Core Fitness


If group fitness is more of your thing, they have you covered in that lane too. Registration opened this week for a boot camp they are hosting. Check out Martha Nicol on November 2nd as she hosts "CAMP GLUTIATOR."  You can sign-up today at 508A W. Jefferson blvd Dallas TX to reserve your spot or email for more information.  There are limited spots available so, be sure to get moving!

Oh, you thought I was done? I’m not. I can’t leave without emphasizing just how much this facility is a triple threat. Not only are they providing you with a workout that helps to achieve greatness and trainers that will feed your mind, body and soul, BUT they also have Core Meals. Now, even the self-proclaimed meal prep Queen (that’s me guys!) doesn’t feel like prepping EVERY week and it is good to know that I can order a week’s worth of meals from Core Meals and still stay within my goals for a reasonable price. They offer a variety of options weekly and you can pick up a couple of meals or bundle up and dominate your Monday-Friday.

I rock with Core Fitness and I think you should to. Get Connected.

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Boss Babe Glamping Adventure: Best Day Ever Ranch

“Do you want to go camping?” Not the words I ever thought would be spoken to me.  You see, I am more of the “do you want to do a staycation at a 5 star hotel?” kind of girl. But, it’s all about the experience right? That was two months ago and little did I know that our camping trip would sneak up on me so fast.

 Chandler, Mai, and I

Chandler, Mai, and I

The Dallas Fitness Ambassadors founded by Mai Lyn of Deep Fried Fit is a group of fitness, lifestyle, and wellness bloggers that are all about new experiences and taking the Dallas fitness scene by storm. So, gathering up a group of these Boss Babes to head to the Best Day Ever Ranch for a weekend of new experiences was sure to be an adventure within itself thanks to Ginger Harper of the Ginger Marie Blog. 

 The Best Day Ever Ranch

The Best Day Ever Ranch


The ranch itself was humongous and  there were cabin options, as well as tent options so that you could determine what type of experience you wanted. Due to a wedding that was scheduled that same weekend, we opted for the tents and I honestly think that on our next visit we will still pick the tents because it gave a very authentic camping experience and still allowed for the “glamping” perks. From the petting farm, horses, hiking and biking trails, paddle boarding and fishing available, there was a little bit of something for everyone.


The best part? The drinks were flowing and the fun was had, but we still managed to maintain a healthy living lifestyle while enjoying the outdoors thanks to Sprouts! From mocktails, homemade moscow mules, good ol beer, chilli, fajitas, breakfast burritos, Golden Island super yummy Sriracha Jerky,  and camp fire smores, no one went hungry and everyone went to bed full. We were even able to accommodate a vegetarian and someone with a gluten intolerance thanks to the amazing menu prepared by Chandler from ‘The H Is For’ and Dixya from Food Pleasure and Health.

Hey, I may not be a full out camp girl but I will definitely be making it a priority to make this at the very least an annual trip due to the amazing hospitality of everyone at The Best Day Ever Ranch!

Check out some of the other ladies takes on our Boss Babe Glamping Adventure!

The Ginger Marie Blog

The H Is For

Deep Fried Fit

Eat Well & Sparkle

Stephanie Suire 

Fit Girl In Flight

Veleisa Patton

Food Pleasure & Health

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Disclaimer: This trip was sponsored by The Best Day Ever Ranch and the food was gifted by Sprouts! All opinions and words are my own. I truly appreciate all of the brands the support the Dallas Fitness Ambassador Community. 

Revolution Cycling Spotlight Party with Grit Fitness

So, you guys know how much I love a great fitness event and luckily Dallas does not have a shortage of them! However, with the abundance of fitness fun occurring around the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, it is important to seek out quality events. Grit Fitness never fails at this and with the addition of their second location in the Design District, it just means double the fun!

Read: Hip Hip Hurray! For Active Nation Day!

The Grit Crew are hosting a Revolution Cycling Spotlight Party to introduce the community to their new instructors and their amazing cycling Studio B offering TWO free classes September 30, 2016 at 5:30 and at 6:30.  There will be drinks, treats, raffles, a photobooth, and a special gift for the first 100 guest to arrive. If cycling isn’t your thing, still come by between 5-8 for shopping, entertainment, and studio tours.

I have never taken a cycling class so, I am super excited and nervous for this event! Stay locked in to my Instagram account this week because I will be hooking one of you guys up with a 5 class pack (valued at $105) to check out all of the great things that Grit Fitness has to offer!

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