Riding The Wave with Mizuno and Dick's Sporting Goods

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I was recently invited out as a paid influencer to Dick’s Sporting Goods in Allen, Texas to attend a private event hosted by Mizuno to showcase all of the amazing innovations that are taking place at Dick’s Sporting Good stores nationwide (more on that later) and to get an in-depth and interactive look at Mizuno’s newly released Wave Rider 20.

Prior to the event, I was familiar with the Mizuno brand but had never ventured to my local Dick’s store to actually try on a pair - that was my first mistake.

While at the event, I was greeted with familiar faces, several of Dallas’s most notable fitness bloggers were in attendance and it was great to know that whatever surprises were coming my way wouldn’t be taken on alone. Plus, each invitee got a plus one so I just had to bring my partner and crime, and favorite shoe connoisseur Chan of CNK Daily with me to join in on all of the fun to be had.

After allowing us to get acquainted with each other and with the brand, we had the opportunity to meet with our local Mizuno rep CJ, who gave us the rundown on all things Wave Rider. I definitely ended my time with him feeling like I knew almost everything about what Mizuno has to offer as a brand.


As part of the experience, they gifted me with a pair of Waver Rider 20’s for both myself and my guest. How cool is that?!

Plus, we immediately had the opportunity to take them out for a ride when we competed in a store-wide scavenger hunt, which took us around Dick's Sporting Goods to find a pretty detailed list of products that they offer.  And this girl here could not find the shoe laces, while stationed in the shoe section, to save my life. Needless to say, Chan and I did not win but I enjoyed running around the store, confusing customers, and taking my new running shoes out for a spin!

Now you guys know that I am a serial learner, I mean I only stopped going to school because I had Peyton and student loans are not the business.  If not for that,  I  would so be Lynn from ‘Girlfriends’ - remember that series!?! That said, I had so many fun fact takeaways from the event and since I tend to ramble, let me leave you guys with my top 3:


1. The concept of the Wave Rider was inspired by a study focusing on the wings of insects and how through time they have become lighter in weight, yet stronger overall. I think that is pretty cool.

2. The Wave Rider 20 is the longest-standing running shoe that the brand offers. Probably because of it’s popularity with runners who love a soft cushion and the “wave” feel that Mizuno is known for providing with their ever evolving wave technology. 

3. Dick's Sporting Goods stores are transitioning nation wide to now offer interactive shoe fitting stations that are definitely going to be a fan favorite. The Allen location even had a treadmill on site so that you can try out your shoes after your personalized fitting! Because, walking back and forth and jumping up and down, sometimes just isn’t enough, you know?





I wish I could have brought all of you guys with me to the event, but hopefully after reading this you feel just like you were there! Planning on giving the Wave Rider 20 a try? Head over to your local Dick’s Sporting Goods store and tell them FitXBrit sent ya!



Happy Pinning!


Please Note:  This post is sponsored by Mizuno .All comments about the product, brand, and event are my own and I have and will always remain transparent about my opinions. I will not endorse anything that I would not use on my own healthy living lifestyle journey.

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