#MommyandMiniPicks: Local Press +Brew

If you follow me on snapchat (@Chevone) especially during the school year you were privy to my morning snaps at Local Press + Brew located in Dallas, Texas. You were also amused by the cravings/withdrawals I would experience when Dallas traffic wouldn’t cooperate with me or my budget wouldn’t cooperate with me and my new daily addiction. In all seriousness I solicited gift cards for my birthday just to make it through the school year and, yes,  it was well worth it!

Local Press + Brew provides its patrons with a unique atmosphere that encourages repeat customers in a city where you can ultimately find a coffee shop/juice bar at every corner. What sets them apart from the rest? Well, as an educator in the community where they are located, the highlight is their organic and genuine support of the community. Upon arrival, it is not rare to see work done by local artists, as well as bakery goods straight from neighboring vendors.  In addition, every returned glass bottle guarantees a $1 donation to a local charity in Dallas.

They source locally roasted coffee beans and are constantly reinventing the menu by adding amazing teas and other combinations. I had an amazing turmeric creation that was such a game changer! Like I needed anything else to get addicted too - SMH!  As far as the juices go, I wish I could say there was one that I didn’t like but in all transparency - there isn’t. The nut milks are a perfect addition to any smoothie or used as a creamer for coffee and now, you can turn your juice into a shake which is literally an amazing experience. I add a Beenana (banana, almond and bee pollen) to EVERY single juice they have (1-6) and it makes for a more filling experience.

I often bring home juices for Peyton and they have always been a hit but, this summer I wanted to expose her to the place that is so near and dear to my heart. We arrived and she immediately charmed her way into all of the patrons hearts by greeting everyone with hugs, and I do mean every single person. Lol! We enjoyed juice, shakes and some of their specialty toast options. The avocado toast is my favorite by far and I can not leave without a croissant!  Peyton was a very happy camper and enjoyed the picnic tables outside for a chance to run around a bit.  Mommy loved it because nap time was so much easier that day and even I got in a nap that afternoon because we were fueled with Local Press + Brew awesomeness and had an amazing afternoon together.

We give Local Press+Brew a 5 sippy cup rating because of the farm-to-table options and the toddler friendly environment. The prices are comparable to most juice bars and to know that I am getting locally sourced, fresh produce is a plus. They also offer juice cleanses that I have not yet had the opportunity to try but, you guys know I love a good juice cleanse I will definitely share with you how it compares to the other’s we have tried whenever we conquer that.

Have you tried Local Press+Brew? What are some of your favorite menu items? What are some of your favorite toddler friendly spots in the DFW metroplex?

All Images Juan Carlos Puebla of 52ndWitness

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