Fit Chicks: Art Meets Active-Wear With Bandier Fit

It’s always a pleasure when you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function.  Now that darn near every day workouts are part of my #HealthyLivingLifestyle, I’m really trying to ensure that the athletic gear I buy (because it can get pricey, ya’ll) can take me from the gym to the coffee shop.  Conjunction function, ladies.

Lucky for us, we live in the days of athleisure trends on pop rocks as we’ve seen the fit life turn into a movement, which has made it increasingly easy to take your stylish threads from the yoga studio to the streets.  But, with the wave comes the muck and as stylish innovations emerge it can become harder and harder to determine who offers the best product for your buck.

No surprise, a new partnership is emerging in this ever growing market as brands seek to combine active lifestyles with our everyday interests. Music, tech, business, style, and even art are breathing new life into a new term: artwork meets activewear.  At the helm of this swavey idea is Bandier, the authority on fashion fitness apparel, who is making waves this week with the release of three new capsule collections inspired by - drum roll - ART BASEL.  Bandier played matchmaker, pairing workout-minded labels with contemporary artists for gear that can only be described as ‘’  See what I did there?

This trailblazing concept of active “wearable art” is especially timely. Art Basel Miami Beach begins this week, with gallerists, collectors, art fairs, fashion labels, and luxury brands hosting more openings, dinners, and late-night bashes than is appropriate for a week night. It’s the art world rager and Bandier is the star of the party. Stay ready, Instagram.

The first in-house collaboration brings together London artist Malarko Hernandez with activewear brand Ultracor. The second unites creative director Christopher Lee Sauvé with Strut-This. And the third collection, which will only be exclusively available at BANDIER for six months prior to being released to other retailers, is a collaboration between LA-based street artist Upendo Taylor and Reebok.  Reebok, who has emerged as a leader in the activewear circuit - especially Crossfit, consulted celebrity yoga instructor and Reebok ambassador Tara Stiles to conceptualize designs for the street-art-inspired yoga wear.

The results of these partnerships are pretty darn impressive and are sure to be appealing to the eye. Each collection seems to have its own distinct feel so, if you’re inclined towards one specific place on the color wheel, I’m sure you’ll find something to your liking.


Hernandez x Ultracor is energetic and slightly reminiscent of a trip through Mario Cart circa 1999. The laser-print designs are used for two pairs of leggings, a bra, bomber jacket, and tote bag.

Strut-This x Chris Sauvé present a primitive-art-inspired take displayed on three pairs of leggings and two high-necked crop tops.

Reebok’s collaboration with Upendo Taylor brings everything together. Upendo and Reebok worked closely to design the 7-piece collection, which includes a printed yoga mat and Hayasu dance sneakers. Ultimately, the offerings are sporty and sophisticated, and trendsetters (read: you, you, and you) will scream “I-AM-UBER-STYLISH-AND-I-HAVE-ISH-TO-DO!” at the gym...or, if I’m being honest, that coffee shop I was talking about before.

All three collections are available online now at