#FitChicks: Get Birthday Fit

We can both remember the days where birthdays were met with plans for trips, clubs and as many drinks as we could stand, only to wake up and repeat the same sequence of events every weekend for the entire duration of our respective birthday months. It was fun and the memories (what we can clearly remember) are endless. However, ladies and gentleman, with time our desires have shifted and these days each birthday is more about embracing a new year, reflecting, and looking for opportunities for growth.  

This mindset led to the concept of “Birthday Fit.” Birthday Fit is all about having fun and making memories that you can actually recall the next day, all while working on being a better you -- mind, body, and soul!  *I’m adding this in mine to give some context* --> As we gear up to celebrate my born day, we thought it would be dope to share some of the ways we’ll be ringing in her new year while staying dedicated to our goals.  All you need is a plan, your very best ride or die crew of friends, and our keys to B-day fit fun.  You ready? Leggo.

Get Out And Get Moving!

There are so many fun fitness events that go on every weekend around the country so, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a Mud Run, a 5k, or even a fun pole fitness class for you and your friends!  With community events you also get the opportunity to interact and meet new people too, which is an added bonus! I am celebrating my birthday this weekend and have found the perfect event! If you are in the Dallas area I strongly encourage you to join in on the fun!

This weekend us FitChicks will be taking an entry level Barre Class on the Continental Bridge in Dallas! Two Dallas bloggers have partnered up to bring fitness fun to the community to raise money and awareness for the Movement Foundation, which aims to promote positive body image and healthy lifestyles in girls! This event was definitely up our alley because we are all about passing on a healthy dose of #Chickspiration! There is going to be all kinds of healthy yummy goodness, giveaways and each participant is leaving with a swag bag full of goodies!

After The Workout Is The After Party

After working up a sweat you are definitely going to be in need of some major nourishment.  For us, while everything is in moderation, we’re going to try extra hard to nosh on some “healthy” options to refuel by taking in some farm-to-fork favorites! There is no better way to reward yourself and celebrate another year of life than with mimosas and food options that don’t make you feel like you need to catch a nap (or 3) afterwards. 

Image Dallas Observer

Image Dallas Observer

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So, what fun and unique ways have you celebrated your birthday? Any fun ideas?

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