#FitChicks: Our Favorite Posts of 2016 (So Far)

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been serving up Fit Chicks goodness for SIX WHOLE MONTHS.  Crazy, right?  From our very first post back in November of 2015 highlighting Friday night fit with Living 29 to last week’s post in honor of FitXBrit’s birthday, our #FitChicks series has been both fulfilling and testiment to the power of cross promotion.

Chan and I have now amassed enough posts that we’re constantly revisiting past FC offerings in order to keep things fresh and avoid the dreaded trap of repetition.  That said, we thought this week we’d compile a list of FIVE of our favorite posts over the last six months. For you loyal followers, this is our way of saying thanks for reading and growing with us. For those of you who may be new to our Fit Chicks Friday fiestas, here’s your chance to catch up.

Let’s go!!!

1. The Activewear Wish List

Not only did we break down some of our gym attire essentials - we also curated a workout playlist guaranteed to make that workout pass by in a snap! Win and definite WIN.

2. Time Well Spent With Six:02

It’s always fun to get out and about in the city! Lucky for us, Six:02 held an awesome event at Klyde Warren Park in Dallas and we got to cover everything from the 5K to the post-race manicures. Yea...that happened.  This was such a fun day!

Image Pop Sugar

Image Pop Sugar

3.  2 Weeks of Clean Eats With PopSugar Fitness

At the start of 2016, we kicked off our New Year with a focus on clean eats.  This two week challenge courtesy of PopSugar Fitness had it’s ups and downs (which we were pretty vocal about, by the way) but, it really challenged us to eat outside of our comfort zones.

4. 4 Sneaks You Can Take From The Gym To The Streets

Because, we kind of live in our active wear it was kind of essential that we find some kicks that are easily transformable from our favorite fitness classes to a happy hour with the girls. These 4 sneakers do just that, and then some!

Image Aisha Thalia

Image Aisha Thalia

5. Get Bossy With Aisha Thalia

Our Boss Chick of the month is an instant fav because it highlights our foundation and what we are all about, showing love and put the spotlight on women who truly inspire! The best feeling is being able to shine a light someone else’s success not only to maybe generate a new fan or two for their cause, but also just to further prove that women who empower women are just dope!

What are your favorite posts from these last few months?  Let us know - we’d love to hear from you!

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