#FitChicks: Best Bathing Suits For Your Body Type

Summer is in full swing and we know if you are anything like us, you are more than ready to start working on your tan, and just getting a little more Vitamin D. The piece of the puzzle that we know most ladies stress about is this: what swimsuits are we rocking this summer? Of course we want something that we can feel comfortable in, but more than that, sometimes you just want something that is going to enhance all of our positive assets. So, we have scoured the e-streets and Instagram pages, turned to the experts, and have found the best bathing suit styles for your body type. Now, hear us when we say there is no rule in picking a bathing suit. If you are comfortable in it then, Girl - DO YOU. But, we wouldn’t be your friends if we didn’t do OUR best to guide you in looking YOUR best. Hopefully, with the picks below, you’ll feel your best too!

If You Want To Hide Your Tummy

Photo by  Rowan Chestnut  

Photo by Rowan Chestnut 

If your mid-section isn’t your favorite, try taking the ruched approach to swimwear. Finding a bathing suit that shows a little skin, maybe a flattering V-neck to draw attention away from your stomach and brings the focus in on your legs, arms, and or chest area. Ruffles are a fun and flirty way to take your beach look to another level without showing too much skin.

For Those With A “Sporty” Frame

Photo by  Jakob Owens  

Photo by Jakob Owens 

It’s really important to focus in on your selling points which calls for monokinis and any suit that has really bold prints. A trick this body type is that the smaller your suit bottom is the more fuller your butt will look and I know most of us are looking for any trick to make our milkshake bring all of the boys to yard. Milkshake = butt, just in case you didn’t get our strategic Kelis reference.

Hopefully we have all of our bases covered. What are some of the issues that you face when trying to find the perfect swimsuit? Also, what are some of your favorite brands to shop? Let us know in the comment area below.


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