#FitChicks: De-Stress With Claire Fountain of Trill Yoga

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Image CoSign Magazine

Last week, we let you in on our first Trill Yoga experience with Claire Fountain (you may remember her from the Boss Chick feature we did on her not to long ago) courtesy of the Cosign Experience weekend.

Chan and I also had the opportunity to sit down and have a little one-on-one chat with the Queen of Trill herself where we talked about stress, how you carry it with you in your body, and how yoga is one way to help alleviate or reduce the amount of stress that we carry in our bodies.

This candid convo with Claire made us really think about the stress we’re holding and why. How does it happen and, most importantly, how do we de-stress our bodies and recognize when we’re starting to experience overwhelming emotions? Can you relate? Get a glimpse at how we’re releasing stress and why it’s imperative for you to do the same.

Our bodies are so wise, and they are always speaking to us. It is up to us to listen to them. That is a key to owning our wellness.
— Margarita Alcantara
Image CoSign Magazine

Image CoSign Magazine

So Why Do We Hold Stress In Our Bodies?

Most of the time it is done subconsciously. So many of us are just focused on making it through the day that we take things away without dealing with them and it manifests itself in ways that ultimately cause stress. Can you believe that sometimes we do it intentionally? Think of that “thing” you did, that you are ashamed of. Stress is a way of punishing ourselves for the things we have yet to forgive ourselves for. I, for one, am guilty of this at times. When you are literally “carrying” all of these negative emotions that you just do not know how to let go of and move past, you are manifesting stress and it has to live somewhere. The home inevitably becomes your body.

What Evidence Is There Of Stress In Our Bodies? In What Ways Does It Manifest?

-Back pain

-Neck Pain

-Shoulder Pain

-Digestive Issues

-Respiratory Issues

Ultimately letting go of stress, negativity, and emotional pain gives us the feels because it creates a focus on love and all of the positive things we're trying to do with our lives! Big thanks to Claire for giving us the time to pick her brain...much love! What are some ways you de-stress?


Brit & Chan "Fit Chicks"

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