Legs that DEMAND a Second Look with Shay Green: Wall Sit

When it comes to getting stuff done on the fitness tip, there are so many excuses! “I don’t have money for a membership!”, "I don’t have any equipment!”, and my favorite: “It’s too cold!” Believe me, I know them all because I’ve said them!  But, as our L.Y.F.E. series continues, Shay is making it very clear that EXCUSES ARE NOT ACCEPTED around these parts!

To hammer home her expectations, Shay provides you with a workout that you can do absolutely anywhere, at anytime, no matter the circumstances.  Again, excuses are not accepted.  This week, we take it back to the “old school” with a gem you may remember from your middle school physical education class or, perhaps, during your college days when you were “watching t.v.” Either way, this particular exercise can really add some serious definition to your thighs and strengthen your hip muscles as well as your adductors. If this is nothing new for you, you can take it up a notch by extending the time or adding hand weights as you complete.

Wall Sit

This is an isometric exercise that has been around for ages!  Anyone that I train must experience “Wall Sit”.  It’s a great exercise that’s extremely effective for strengthening the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes with minimal movement or equipment.  All you need is a wall!  To perform a correct wall sit, follow the following instructions:

1.     Start out with your back against the wall and your legs out in front of the body at an angle.

2.     Using the wall to stabilize the body, lower the body into a seated position as if sitting in a    chair.

3.     Make sure the legs (knees) are at a perfect right angle.

4.     Hold the arms out in front of the body. For beginners, keep arms at the sides of the body.

5.     Make sure that your shoulders and back are against the wall the entire time.

6.     Once your time is complete, squeeze the legs and glutes and return to a standing position.

Try 4 sets total of 1 minute each time


We have one more week with Shay! Don’t be sad, though!  Believe me when I say, I saved the best for last! Make sure to check back as we say goodbye to Shay and she blesses us with my favorite leg exercise yet! Until then, let us know how you’re leg days are going!