Saying Goodbye To Limits

Those were the first words I saw when I opened up my email from my favorite fitness boss babe Jamie of Sweat Pink. I barely read any of the details but I knew after seeing those three words that this was a campaign I wanted to be included in.

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For so long now, I can admit that I allowed my expectations for my life and how things “should be” to limit me from achieving my personal best and truly living in my purpose. But no more. It isn't about a new day on the calendar creating the opportunity for you to adjust your sails and create improvements in you world, it is about YOU. YOU have to remove those limits. YOU have to say goodbye to doubt. YOU have to say goodbye to excuses. YOU have to come up with a tangible plan to break through boundaries and find your awesome. So this month I challenge you to share your testimony, be transparent and tell me and my SWEAT PINK family why you are limitless haring the hashtag #IAMLIMITLESS on your post! Share people that inspire you, share your battle plan to conquering the new year because I want to know what’s motivating you!

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If your goals are fitness related I want to help with that too. I have a free meal plan template you can download to get organized. I am also accepting 3 new clients this quarter for my meal planning services and no matter what your situation you can utilize the GIXO workout app that gives you a variety of live guided fitness classes every 30 minutes! So, you are pretty much set up to Live YOUR Fit no matter what!

Don’t forget to use the hashtag all month and make sure you are following  FitApproach on Instagram and myself as we will be sharing discount codes for the GIXO app as well as stories and posts from you guys as you share what makes you limitless. 2017 we are READY!

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