What Makes Organic Materials So Much Better Than The Conventional Ones

What Makes Organic Materials So Much Better Than the Conventional Ones.jpg

While most of us focus on the style and fit of garments we want to buy, where they came from is equally important. How your clothing is made and how it can affect your skin is something every responsible person needs to think about, especially because these days it’s quite easy to find high-quality organic pieces that won’t break the bank.

For those of you who are looking to update their wardrobe with some eco-friendly fabrics, here are some reasons that will encourage you to take the plunge and go shopping for organic items.

They’re Less Damaging For The Soil

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Cotton is notoriously difficult to grow, and it requires a ton of pesticides and processing just to get it to a usable state. The simple fact that we use so many toxic chemicals to make this plant thrive means that the soil keeps being damaged, and it usually takes a very long time for it to recover and become fertile again. Cotton also needs a lot of water, so it’s a waste of resources all around.

However, bamboo, linen, and hemp are much less straining for the soil and won’t damage the entire eco-system through sheer carelessness, but you can also go for organic cotton which is made without the use of herbicides, pesticides, or GMOs. While organic cotton is harder to grow and more expensive as a result, it’s much better for the environment.

They’re Better For Your Skin

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The problem with pesticide use isn’t in the small amounts of it that end up in your system after putting on a shirt once—it’s something that piles up over the years and can damage your health and immunity. When you buy organic, you’re basically buying something that’s easy on the skin not only because it isn’t heavily processed, but because those fabrics are actually breathable, so your skin won’t be trapped by sweat and bacteria.

They’re Great For Workouts

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Organic fabrics are not only light on the skin, but they’re really durable. Bamboo is probably your best option if you’re looking for quality women’s activewear, so if you’re in need of a sports bra or a good pair of workout tights, consider this wonderful material. It won’t pill or unravel, it’s easy to wash, and it’ll last a long time. You can also consider hemp shirts, tank tops, shorts, and other forms of loose clothing. It might not have as much stretch to it as bamboo does, but it’s still really cozy and breathable, and you’ll love how it feels against your body.

They’re Comfy And Chic As Hell

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You might be expecting rough, boring-looking garments as your only option, but you’re wrong. Organic fabrics can be incredibly soft and delicate, and you can find the most beautiful of clothes. From cozy, breathable undergarments, to cute dresses, shirts, and pants that look incredibly stylish with very little effort involved. Companies such as Nau and Aeance make so many appealing garments that it’s impossible not to fall in love, so you really don’t have to worry about not having enough fashion choices.

Besides, it’s not like you need to clear out your whole wardrobe and immediately buy only organic fabrics. Invest in them piece by piece, combine them with things you already have, and enjoy experimenting with these new materials. Something like this could really inspire creativity and make you step out of your fashion comfort zone.

Organic Companies Are Run By Ethical People

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A lot of companies who commit to making eco-friendly fashion do their best to be ethical in every other aspect of their business practices. Transparency is the main philosophy, so instead of huge shady chain stores that resort to sweatshop labor, you get ethical supply chains. Employees aren’t overworked and underpaid, companies are honest with their consumers about how they conduct their business.

If you want to be socially responsible, it’s important to basically vote with your money—if you don’t support big corporations that engage in unethical practices, then don’t buy from them. As long as people shop for fast fashion, these businesses will continue to thrive, and that’s why it’s so important to invest your money in a smart way.

If you want to fill up your wardrobe with organic fashion, now it’s easier more than ever. There are so many companies and online shops to choose from, and you’re no longer limited just to the things you can find at the local mall. Enjoy businesses like Cozy Orange, Miakoda, and Yoga Democracy, and you’ll be able to find anything you need.

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