Doing A Full 360º: Nuby 360º Straw Flip N' Sip

When I started transitioning Peyton from spouted sippy cups to straws, it was an absolute nightmare. I had to get it down to a science: hear a click and position the top in the perfect position. Even then, they would still leak sometimes! I had to think fast and figure out something that would work because Peyton was starting to have a strong desire to only drink from a straw. Mostly because she was always seeing mama and nana drink from them so, something had to give!

The Nuby 360 Straw Flip N' Sip was perfect! The weighted straw helps Peyton drink from any angle without any spills and the handles are perfect for younger kids that are at the beginning of their transition into big kid territory. Not to mention, the cover  allows you to keep the straw clean when you are out and about. I would definitely consider myself a bit of an OCD mom so this is probably my favorite feature.

My only complaint or wish is that it was also offered in a bigger size. Ten ounces is great but, Peyton is ALWAYS saying “moowe mommy peease!”

The Nuby 360 Straw Flip N' Sip is available for purchase at Amazon, Babies R Us and TJ Maxx!

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