#MomLife: 3 Ways To Teach Your Toddler To Be Grateful

My two-year-old is all about self and it concerns me. Yes, I understand that she is two, but I am witnessing so many grown ups that function with a focus on “self” to the point that it mirrors on narcissism. Not my baby….nope...no way.

I have been racking my brain with different techniques and things to try to instill a grateful heart in Peyton early on and even though I can definitely say we are a work in progress, we are definitely headed in the right direction.

Role-Playing Using Toys And/Or Our Morkie Diesel

Peyton is a very strong (read: bossy) girl. Dare I say she gets it from her mother? So using her Cabbage Patch as a tool to get her to demonstrate good manners was like hitting the jackpot! It wasn't easy at first, I mean, she would purposely throw something at the dog just to show me how she could go give him a hug and say sorry. But, once I broke her of that “please” and “thank you” have been a regular part of her vocabulary.

Veggie Tales

Image VeggieTales

Image VeggieTales

We went to see Veggie Tales Live and can I say I am now a believer. This children’s series is jam packed full of lessons that are relatable at her level and I absolutely love it. I try to limit Peyton’s technology time to thirty minutes a day but when she cashes in it’s nice to hear her pick Veggie Tales over her other favorites like Peppa the Pig and Bubble Guppies. I mean they literally have a “Thankfulness” song and the book of prayers I purchased at the show is a nightly request before bed.

Spend Meaningful Time Together

To be totally honest, once I stepped back from my phone and other distractions and gave Peyton more authentic mommy time it really made the difference. My little sour patch kid became more sweet, and less sour authentically, right before my eyes. It’s funny how what we model for our kids can really affect who they become and what they transform into. I literally have a front row seat to P’s interactions with different people and what they get from her is solely determined on what they give. She adapts like a chameleon sometimes it is pretty, sometimes not so much! Energy and vibes are serious ya’ll!

So, what are some ways you are instilling a grateful heart in your kiddos? Leave their age and your piece of advice in the comments! Until next time mommy tribe!