Embracing The Best Parts Of Me

A mother loves her child without hesitancy or reservation. Romantic love, in its infancy , can make you feel like everything in the world is going right. Most of us , however,doubt that love without conditions,love completely forgiving and accepting, exists in real life. Read More…

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Brittany Giles
"The Race"

The morning started like every Monday morning, the alarm sounds at 5 am, and I begin my day by completing some morning miles on the treadmill before volleyball practice at 7 am. The only difference, an Instagram DM from a fellow runner, asking if I registered for “The Race” in Atlanta? Read More…

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Krista Lee
The Ugly Truth: Why Do Women Have A Negative Self-Image?

The pressures of living up to society’s expectations of beauty is real and a widespread epidemic. It doesn’t matter if they are stay-at-home moms in their 40’s or 20-something runway models—it’s irrefutably apparent that every single woman, at some point, struggles with accepting her physical appearance, overcoming self-doubt and dealing with her perceived flaws. Read More…

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Seline Shanoy
5 Tips on Nutrition Every Vegan Runner Should Know

If there’s ever been a time to go vegan, it’s now. From all the vegan-friendly meals in restaurants and completely vegan fast-food places to all the vegan-related information you can find online, changing your diet seems simple. However, when you’re a combo of a vegan and a runner, there are some things you should be careful about, especially if you want to achieve your optimal performance. Read More…

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Sophia Smith