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I have decided to dedicate this week’s Morning Buzz to share with you guys my Top 3 favorite posts that help to center me and bring me peace. While our focus is fitness and lifestyle, overall health is not just about what you’re eating or how much you’re moving. It’s also about what you’re thinking and saying. Check out these posts and leave some of your faves in the comment section.



10 WAYS TO FINDING INNER PEACE via Elevate Your Soul

So, when it seems that there is No peace insight, I would encourage you to find things that make you feel at peace. Go to a place within yourself that no one knows, a place where no matter what or who tries to disturb it,they cant, because you are the CONTROLLER OF YOUR PEACE! Read More

Image via Life Culture People

Image via Life Culture People

Meditation Mondays: Sometimes You Have To Encourage Yourself via Life Culture People

I want to share the most simple thought that occurred to me one day, and you don't need books or gurus for this mediation mantra, it's simple! Read More...

Image via Allison Fallon

Image via Allison Fallon

Why It’s So Hard to Love Yourself And How It Can Change Your Life via Allison Fallon

Loving myself has not always been something on my radar. In fact, if you would have asked me five years ago, I would have told you that the idea of “loving myself” seemed sort of secondary to the really important things in life. Read More...


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