Tomato-Based Supplement Reduces Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage in Endurance Runners


An active lifestyle is unequivocally good for us, if it is not taken to the extreme. Though, physical activity can sometimes take a toll on our bodies. Harnessing the power of nutrition to help balance the stress, muscle damage, and fatigue, can help keep ourselves in the best condition and enjoying the full spectrum of benefits that exercise holds.

Optimizing muscle recovery, balancing muscle damage and enhancing muscle resilience to the stress associated with exercise are essential for both athletes and casual exercisers. Data suggest that two of the leading causes of muscle damage on the cellular level include oxidative stress and inflammation. Historical studies suggest that carotenoids from natural tomatoes can balance oxidative stress and inflammatory processes. Lycored took this information and then examined whether they might influence muscle damage. The continuous intake of tomato complex containing the carotenoids lycopene, phytoene, and phytofluene supplementation with a balance diet, decreased muscle damage after a long-distance run.

To see faster recover times, try including more tomatoes into your diet or pick up a good natural whole tomato complex supplement.


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