BMW Race Recap


The BMW Dallas Marathon is a superb running event that promotes health and fitness for the youngest to the oldest runners. For years I watched this televised race and wondered "Why am I not out there?!" Thank God this year was different! I ran the half marathon, and it was beyond amazing. It was an honor to be a part of such an amazing event.



Lately, the races that I have participated in did not appear to invest much into the planning nor recruitment into the expo. As a runner, I found this odd because I look forward to the perks that expos present: awesome packet pick up selfies and both new and familiar run products. When my mother ( a fellow runner) and I arrived, we were so excited to see all of the vendors, new races to enter, and the custom BMW merchandise.

We did more than walk around; we found ourselves leaving with some new Brooks and HOKA shoes, Aftershokz headphones (for mom, I already own a pair and love them!!), Feetures socks (a new favorite), Bondi Bands, and hydration bottles. For us, Santa definitely arrived early.

In addition to shopping, we also had the opportunity to try the UCAN products a slow release complex carbohydrate that provides steady long lasting energy. After trying the drink, I must say that I enjoyed the taste and thought long and hard about using it on race day! However, if you've been following my post you're familiar with rule number 1, “Don’t Do Anything Different on Race Day.” I followed the rule but made a mental note to use it during training as I prepare for my next race (so be on the lookout for the product review).


Race Day

It’s the morning of the race, and as usual, I’m nervous and anxious. I’m not sure of where to park, and I don't want to wear too many layers of clothes. I start the morning with a peanut butter granola bar, Celsius energy drink (1 hour before starting), and Beet Performer in my hydration bottle (remember I run on veggies) and two packets of GU in my SPIbelt.

The corrals started in waves; I felt as if I walked a mile to the starting line and I must admit I hoped that this counted towards my final total lol. It was a very scenic route, which I always enjoy because it allows me to find new places to visit in the city. The course for the half marathon was flat, with a few inclines but no undoable hills and for this, I was extremely grateful.

While running all I could hear was cheering, words of encouragement, and good music (I don’t recall any gospel music, but that’s ok, I was surely jamming some through my aftershokz). The crowd support was simply amazing, and the water stations were both energetic and encouraging. The DJ’s and live music along the route were a nice touch as they added more energy to the race.


The Swag

After completing 13.1 miles you know I was excited to see the bling. My new medal is carved with popular Dallas sites (classy and beautiful), but that’s not all, we also received a finisher’s shirt (surprise). Did I mention that we received a race t-shirt at packet pick up? BMW definitely went all out on this one!!!

If you are looking for a well-organized race, that allows you to run through the streets of Dallas, I would add the 2019 BMW Dallas Marathon to your race calendar. I plan to run again next year, and I hope I can get my family to form a relay team.

Next stop, Marathon Bahamas



P.S. Don’t forget to hashtag #ontherunwithkrista when you hit the pavement, I’ll be looking for you. See you on the pavement.