Running the Dallas Skyline

Sklyine Start.jpg

The Skyline 10K race was just as awesome as the Dallas skyline itself. Although the route was the same as last year it still provides novice runners and veteran runners with a few surprises. The course is really flat in comparison to other Dallas races (RnR Dallas) there are some small inclines, and 2 real hills. The first hill is around mile marker 3 and it lasts for approximately 1 mile. Unfortunately, the running space on the hill is narrow so that makes it a little challenging because there are walkers and runners. The last hill is around mile 5.50 and leads to the finish line. I have to be honest I walked the first hill (just because I didn't want to run it, and my headphones died, so I was also trying to figure that out.), I also walked some of the last hill not sure why I did that, because if I would have ran it, I could have possibly been one of the top 3 finishers in my age group (45-49) but no, I was 5th.

Skyline Officiers.jpg

Even as a runner your personality should shine through. Are you friendly or do you have runners rage (like my sister Christyn)? I am a friendly runner, on morning runs I speak to other runners or even just people on the street, so this carries over to race day. On race day I speak and thank the police officers and volunteers for their service. As I was running and speaking I began to think about how important it is for a race to have volunteers for the water stations, policeman to protect me from the oncoming traffic, because there is always a few drivers who are hating on the runners because their street or exit is being held up ( I say to them hey maybe you should be out here running) and the firefighters who provide medical attention for those runners who may encounter injury or dehydration. Have you ever really thought about how horrible the race would be without the services that these individuals provide, so for that I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all those who volunteer so that I can have a good race experience. Pictured above N. Tucker; L. Fisher and G. Der Toro (from left to right) 3 firefighters who volunteered.

Skyline Me.jpg

After all that running and you hear the crowd cheering and the announcer calling your name (which is a great personal touch for races) let's see what's waiting at the finish line? Skyline has an awesome medal that is an exact replica of the Dallas Skyline. In addition to the medal there is a party on the pavement with a full DJ and line dancing (let’s wobble baby).

So, If you are running your first half, 10K or 5K, or maybe just doing a training run, whatever your reason for running, this is the race for you. It’s not to big, it’s not too small, it’s just right for a Saturday morning run along the Dallas Skyline.





P.S. Don’t forget to hashtag #ontherunwithkrista when you hit the pavement, I’ll be looking for you. See you on the pavement.