Bringing the ”Fun” Back


Remember when you first started running and you were excited to be a “Runner”? ( Seriously, close your eyes and remember that great feeling.) Now you’ve been running for several weeks, months or even years. You’ve accomplished many goals, experienced some running injuries, and maybe even lost some toenails( and isn't that the worst feeling). Somewhere along this journey, you dropped the fun from running, and the joy is fading away.

What can you do to have fun again? Ditch that type “A” personality, step away from those big goals for a minute and have fun while running. Try something different.


Trail Running

Run more trails. Trail running is a fun way to step off the pavement while challenging your coordination, balance, and agility. Trail runs may take longer to complete a mile, but it provides better strength training for the legs and adds adventure and if you're lucky, beautiful sceneries.


Crazy Run

Grab your run homies and sign up for a crazy run. The Wicked Wine Run; Margarita run, or a beer run. If libations are not your thing then maybe a costume or theme run. Crazy runs are designed to be “FUN” so don't even worry about your time. (Can runners do that?)


Road Trip

Runcations are perfect to add some fun to your run schedule. There's nothing like a girls trip with some bling attached. You don't have to travel far but just far enough to get away, see some new sites, try some local eateries and laugh, laugh and laugh some more with your friends.

If you are saying to yourself I don’t have time for these run shenanigans; I have "Big" goals to reach this season. Here is an extra tip, running improves running, so although you have stepped away from the “Big” goal you are still making progress. Making daily goals to challenge your inner competitor can make each day more fun in a different way.

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P. S. Don’t forget to hashtag #ontherunwithkrista when you hit the pavement, I’ll be looking for you. See you on the pavement.