Boot Scootin 5k - ZOOMA Lost Pines


The boot scootin 5k sponsored by ZOOMA was the best way to end International Women’s Day. It was filled with women who had set a goal and trusted the process to achieve it. I had the pleasure of running this race in 2018, and I knew then that this would be an annual race for mom and me.

ZOOMA made a few tweaks this year which enhanced the race and added to the energy and enthusiasm of the runners.


As the clock approached 5 pm the ladies and a sprinkle of men began to line up at the starting point. The coaches from Camp Gladiator guide us through a dynamic warm-up, followed by The National Anthem. The countdown begins, ”On your mark; get set; go!” Off we went and as I was looking ahead what do I see? A hill! Being in hill country, it was to be expected.

I continued to run, listening to 2Pac’s greatest hits, I hear the sound of cheers, and see spectators holding signs! Way to go ZOOMA this was a much-needed addition, thank you. So far this race has been a runner's dream, flat course, great scenery, and crowd support, but don’t forget this is Texas weather so what about hydration? There were several water stations on the route equipped with H2O and electrolytes.


When I approached the finish line, I could hear clapping, cheering and congratulations from team Camp Gladiator and other race participants. The medal was a unique Texas boot that aligned with the theme.

ZOOMA Boot Scootin 5k✔️. Wait, are you still yearning for more miles; more bling and a post-race party fit for a queen? If so, I’m sure you signed up for the 10k or the half on tomorrow (Saturday).


Any other time this would have been me also but my youngest son is playing in the State Championship UIL Basketball game, so I had the take off my running shoes and put on my mom cheering gear. (wondering how the game turned out? They won, and my son Warren #34 made the winning free throw)


ZOOMA Lost Pine you did it again, another unforgettable race experience run and done ✔️. I said it last year, and I’m saying it again, mark your race calendar, call your running crew and plan for the runcation/girls trip of a lifetime and join me and my mom next year at ZOOMA Lost Pines.

Can’t wait until next year? Sign up for the newest ZOOMA Texas addition in Fredericksburg, Tx, Wine Country, November 1-2, 2019.

Next stop, Texas Big Star Dallas, Texas.



P.S. Don’t forget to hashtag #ontherunwithkrista when you hit the pavement, I’ll be looking for you. See you on the pavement.