Sweat It Out Meets Kendall Robinson

“Sweat It Out” is my way of taking it home to what lies deep down in my soul, my love for music. I have not one ounce of musical ability, but my passion for a good song, I mean really good music, is deep. I can’t really enjoy a workout without an amazing playlist - something that really puts me in a zone and helps motivate me to keep pushing.  But, who has time to sit around and make playlist after playlist?! Well don’t worry - I definitely have you covered. Not only will I be providing you with the soundtrack to your next work out but, I will also be introducing you to some of my favorite Insta-motivators.



I’ve filled my Instagram feed full of fitness enthusiasts as a way to keep myself focused on my fitness goals. I’m a firm believer that  if you really want to keep your eyes on the prize, you have to eliminate distractions and foster an environment of greatness. So there was no question who I picked as FitXBrit’s FIRST Feature in our  “Sweat It Out” series, it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t reach out to Mr. Kendall Robinson (@Sparta_Ken). Kendall takes a no nonsense approach to fitness and his knack for sarcasm and tongue-in-cheek posts makes his account one of my favorites.



Read more about this fit guy below:


Kendall Robinson




San Antonio, TX

What is your favorite way to sweat?

Heavy lifting or basketball

How long have you been dedicated to living a #HEALTHYLIVINGLIFESTYLE?

All of my life I've been active, whether it was playing organized sports, or lifting weights. I started taking the weight lifting seriously in 2012.

What is your absolute favorite workout gear brand and why?

Nike, hands down. They have the best colors, nicest shoes, and the apparel just fits me the best. Adidas has had a few runners out lately that have caught my eye, though.

What is your absolute favorite workout shoe and why?

Jordan 3, Jordan 1, or Air Max 1. Those are pretty much my favorite shoes period lol. I like the style of them all. The 3's are my all-time favorite shoe, the 1's look good on my feet, and the air max 1's can do it all, from form to function. If I'm squatting, then I always wear my Chucks (Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star).

What motivates you to keep going on days that you don’t want to workout and or eat right?

I surround myself with people who are bigger than me or stronger than me, and i know that I want to get to that level. If I'm in a gym without any of those people, I'm probably in the wrong gym for one, but I will manufacture challenges in my mind. I know what goals I want to reach, so I'm a "no nonsense" guy when I'm in the gym.

How did you come up with your playlist name?

Lol my playlist is just called "Work" because that's exactly what I'm doing. You can preface that word however you want whether it's "going to" "putting in" the important word, “work.”

What songs are you rocking out to?

I just added a few songs from the Drake x Future album, but I have some ASAP Rocky, some 50 cent, some G-Unit, a little Jeezy. It keeps me in the right mindset with a balance of focus and aggression, especially on my heavier days.


Need a little bit of motivation added to your work out? Click the link below for a musical smörgåsbord courtesy of Kendall Robinson.