Don't Lose....INFUSE!

With summer in full swing, temperatures are soaring and everyone is in search of warm weather fun.  While barbecues, pool parties, and Sunday Funday's are always a good time, the combination of heat, sweat, and physical activity can leave your body in some pretty precarious shade if you aren't hydrating properly. 

While some of you may have your water intake on lock, the vast majority of us trick ourselves into thinking we're drinking enough simply because we don't know the signs of dehydration. Bad move. Here at FitXBrit, we're all about being proactive instead of reactive, especially in matter that can improve your quality of life.  Water itself is one of the most important things your body needs to function properly.  From temperature control to ridding our bodies of waste, water is essential and to our well being and, if you aren't getting enough, it could spell big problems including cramps, dizziness, fatigue and even severe dehydration.

So, how do you know if you're coasting on the hydration train? One way to monitor hydration is by monitoring our urine. Yup. URINE. We all pee so, no need to cringe. If your urine is light in color (clear to something resembling watered-down lemonade) that is a good indication that your body is hydrated and operating at top condition.  On the flip side, if your urine is medium-dark yellow that could be a clear sign directly from your body that it needs water...and fast. 

Now that we know we NEED water - what are some ways to make it a little less "eh...water" and more "YAY! Water!"? Below you will find some family friendly infusion ideas to increase water intake for you, your family, friends, and even your mini water lovers. Note: If you have small children, please check with your physician before adding any significant water intake to your kiddo's diet.  While good for us grown ups, consumption isn't the norm until kids are AT LEAST 6 months old.  My mini (Peyton, for those of you new to our group!) put up quite the fight on the water front at first, but since we've infused her water with some of the fruits I've listed below she's all the way on board...and I've yet to introduce ANY juice drinks into her diet.

Fuse #1: Strawberry Infusion

Strawberries are amazing! In addition to adding refreshing zing to your hydration experience, they also increase the antioxidants in your system.

Fuse #2: Watermelon and Mint

Watermelon is a natural diuretic and is amazing natural approach to help keep your kidneys in tip-top shape. This is especially helpful for those going through dialysis treatments.  For those of us that suffer from asthma (or if you know someone who does) this combination is a great way to ease inflammation in a natural way. Above everything else, it just tastes pretty darn great and can really motivate you to drink more water!

Fuse Fest: Fruits to Try


Any of these fruit combinations will definitely make it easier for you to get through AT LEAST eight (8) glasses of water every day.  If you need a bit more push, buying an awesome infusion-friendly water pitcher or water bottle will act as a tremendous tool to keeping your infused water handy and easy to make.

As always, please let me know which combinations you tried and what worked/didn't work for you family.  In addition, feel free to let me know just how much you save on sodas, juices, and other processed artificial drink choices as you transform your households. I promise, if you can commit to hydrate you'll see (and feel!) a world of difference.