3 Things We Are Leaving Behind...Adios. Au Revoir. Arrivederci. ✌. Goodbye.

With the New Year a day away, people often find themselves reflecting on the 365 days prior, what they accomplished, and what they plan to change.  “Typical resolutions” are not so much my thing, but can help with the accountability factor and I’m definitely not one to knock anyone who is all about making those lists and checking them twice!

With reflection being an essential part of each and every day (I literally spend a good amount of time each day in my closet, in front of my vision board, bible and journal in hand, meditating and reflecting on the energy I put out and received for that day) generating the top 3 things I plan on leaving in 2015, just sounded like a good time.


1. Inauthentic Interactions:

I have the habit of sometimes feeling like I may be “missing out” on something, which sometimes (read: often) gets me out of the comfort of my home to take in a night on the town. This is cool but usually results in me sitting around on my phone, watching other people on their phones, with an occasional conversation thrown in for good measure and several staged “I am having the time of my life” selfies or usies to throw on Instagram. Only to have me feeling like I could have been reading a good book, working on new content, or playing with my daughter. So, unless I genuinely need/want to leave my favorite place (my house or a coffee shop), I’m just not going to.

2. Unnecessary Spending:

I looked up the other day and came to the realization that I am 32. Thirty. Freaking. Two. Where does the time go!?! And while I look and feel younger than my age would otherwise suggest,  I am definitely not getting any time back on the clock and I have a lot of ish to get accomplished. I watch people sending their parents on trips and buying them houses and it reminds me that the “circle of life’ means being able to truly take care of yourself, your children, and your parents if need be - my dad swears he will NEVER have to rely on me everytime I tell him he will not be living in my imaginary guest house if he doesn’t get some act right - lol.  More than that, I just need to get smarter with my spending and set a good example of being financially responsible for my mini, and the kids I mentor and teach. I’ve been following Tonya Rapley of My Fab Finance on Instagram for a minute and I think it is definitely time to start effectively (not temporarily) putting some of her amazing tips to use.

3. Letting Anyone Disturb My Peace:

I’m human so to say I will never be frustrated, confused, hurt, or angry is unrealistic. However, I can prepare myself to deal with life and it’s struggles by TRYING my best to accept the things I can not change.  Serenity, if you will.  Focusing more on myself and what energy I put out versus the energy others are putting out may just help me keep my eyes on the prize! My peace is important, y’all, and I HAVE to keep that light shining. Too much is riding on it!


What are some things you guys are wanting to work on in the new year? Even better, does anyone have any resources that can help with any of these? Cheers to growth, evolving, and constantly challenging yourself to be GREAT! Take care of that mind, body, and soul on the regular.  


XOXO~ Brit