5 Fall Food Must Haves

I love absolutely everything about fall! The smell of the air, the colors, boot season, pumpkin spice everything, and did I mention boot season?! But did you know that there are some pretty awesome foods that are perfect buys for the fall?  These goodies are jam packed with the healthy yummy goodness you need to in order to be great this fall season!  Of course, we all look forward to pumpkin and apples, I mean, the recipes are endless. But today, we are here to hip you to some of the more overlooked fall food friends in the hopes that you will make an effort to stock your refrigerator and reap all of the benefits! That’s what friends are for right?


This happens to be my all time favorite vegetable! I can remember as a young child planting all of these babies in my mashed potatoes to create my “trees in the snow” scene. It was magic! Little did I know that my “trees” are packed with antioxidants that can be linked to fighting ulcers as well as stomach cancer according to Johns Hopkins.  Broccoli is a great source of vitamins C, K, and A, folate and fiber and is more beneficial eaten raw, in it’s natural state.


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The best way to enjoy a pear would be by baking them.  Seriously!  In my personal experience, if you decide to cook them using any other method, you risk losing some of the sweetness. Pears are perfect for the fall season and are full of fiber and vitamin C.


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This veggie is a perfect fall option.  Since it has somewhat of a nutty flavor, it can really add some “umph” to any meal because it is the perfect fall side. My favorite way to indulge is to “mash” them so that they mirror mashed potatoes in their texture.  I also like to add them to my soup recipes. Fall is all about crock pots and soups which make meal prep that much easier! An added bonus is that they have compounds that may prevent cancer and are a great source of vitamin C.


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Can we say antioxidants on fleek!? I can’t believe I just typed that.  I hate the word “fleek”..lol.  There is no denying that this tangy, yet sweet, fruit is super full of them and has even been rumored to contain more antioxidants than red wine.  That’s saying a lot guys. I indulge in these babies year round, the seeds are perfect tossed in salads, or just eaten by themselves. Once you get over the look, you can really appreciate the Vitamin C and folate properties and your body will thank you.


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Grapefruit will help achieve 75% of your recommended Vitamin C intake and is perfect as a juce. Missing summer? Add some grapefruit to any salad (it pairs amazingly with avocado and seafood) and has been said to aid in reducing belly fat. Can’t guarantee that, but I personally make sure to keep grapefruit in heavy rotation in my diet.

What are some of your healthy fall favorites? Drop a link with your favorite recipe or food that I may have overlooked!

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