Sometimes You Have To Switch Things Up A Bit

If you follow me on Instagram you have to notice that when it comes to protein powders I switch things up every month. Now, I know for my serious weight lifters that may not be the move although, I highly recommend if you are using a whey protein during the day (and plan on having another evening shake) you try to use a casein protein for your night time routine.  But for someone who isn’t training for a competition and just wants an easy way to add some protein to their diet, there is absolutely no harm in my experience.

So, why do I switch it up? Because, we are all about transparency over here.  Normally, if you see me trying something new it’s because it was sent to me as a gift, or it was on sale. Protein powders can be pretty pricey so for me it is essential to be as cost effective as possible.  But, I also have to emphasize the fact that protein powders are not needed! If you can plan your meals so that you are getting in quality whole-food source of protein three to four times a day, which translates into about a gram of protein per pound of body weight, then protein powder may just be an expense that you can cut in general. However, if time is not on your side you may find yourself needing to supplement with some other sources of protein and that is ok too.

Making the traditional shake may get boring after awhile so, try these other ways to add a little extra protein to your day with just a scoop.


This should give you guys a good start on ways to boost your protein game using powder when a shake just isn’t enough. Let me know how you use your protein powder in the comments below!

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