Three years ago, I started a mission to share my fitness journey with the world. Little did I know that within those three years the way I viewed fitness would drastically change. While informing you guys about fun workouts, my favorite fitness events, and nutrition tips is the foundation of FitXBrit-looking at “fitness” from a mental and spiritual aspect is important too.  Our bodies are easy to train and it just takes focus and commitment; however, our mindset can be a bit more challenging when we are looking at overall health. Ultimately, my goal is to share all of me the educator, fitness and nutrition enthusiast, the mom, and the woman on a journey to achieve peace at whatever cost. That’s what being “fit” is to me-making sure that what is going on in the inside , matches the outside and vice versa.

Each semester, I accept 12 clients and help transform the way they “do” nutrition on their own terms. Providing customized meal plans, shopping lists, tips, and in person trips (for those of you who are Dallas based) to create an achievable nutrition plan that can be effective for them and their entire family. Creating changes that last a lifetime in 6 months! Make sure to contact me if interested in becoming a client .

The goal of the program is for each person to leave with some new knowledge and not feel pressured to fit into a fitness mold of wellness and nutrition. Growing and embracing our imperfections and creating a plan allows individuals to become better without any added stress.  

For those of you who have been rocking with me, I appreciate you. For those of you who are new to the site welcome, leave a comment, share your thoughts, and enjoy,


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