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On The Run Contributor: Krista

My running journey began in November of 2013. When I completed my first half marathon on October 25, 2016 the day after my 45th birthday, I knew it was more than a hobby.  Since my first marathon(the Chicago Marathon in 2016), my greatest accomplishment was completing the Dopey Challenge which is  48.6 miles. Running has allowed me to become a part of a genuine and caring  community, I have yet to meet a mean or upset runner.  My running goal for 2019 is to get accepted into the New York Marathon. Interested in running? No matter the level- if you want to go forward with running, I will be sharing races, some of my go-to training products, training programs, and my overall approach to fitness. My running motto is "My race, my pace".  

Happy running and I hope to see you on the pavement.