Easy Peezy Almond Butter

Sometimes you can’t avoid trying things that are deemed “trendy.”  Maybe you were introduced to it because it was the “in” thing and then it slowly turned into something you genuinely enjoy! And guess what? There absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. I love trends because it puts things on my radar that I may have never thought to try. A good example of this is the nut butter trend. I am all about embracing a twist to an old school classic, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and experiencing it in a new way.

Now, I know nut butters have been around forever, but in the last five years it seems almond, hazlenut, cashew, or macadamia butters have been everywhere and now I use them on EVERYTHING! I am not the biggest meat eater so this has turned out to be the quick source of protein I need when my body craves that extra boost.

Almond butters in particular have grown in popularity as almonds have become high on the uber healthy food chain. One reason almonds are healthy?They contain properties that can aid in lowering cholesterol, which is great seeing that high cholesterol is a growing epidemic in our country. My favorite brand of almond butter is no doubt Justin's almond Butter.  But after having a kiddo, who is on a really strict diet in terms of what I allow her to consume, I wanted to play around a bit and try to make my own homemade almond butter. Not only was it super simple, but it was also super cost-efficient too, so of course I couldn’t keep it all to myself!



Easy Peezy Almond Butter


1 tsp of organic sea salt

5 cups of unsalted organic almonds


1.Put the 5 cups of almonds in your food processor (I use a Ninja)

2. Blend for about 2 mins and then stop to remove anything that has gotten stuck on the sides and blend for 2 additional minutes

3. Once you have a creamy consistency, add salt and blend for another minute

4. Store in glass container and keep refrigerated. Should last for about 1-2 weeks

Yup! That easy! Let us know how this works for you!