5 Meal Planning Tips for Busy People

I used to be a master meal planner when it was just me.  Insert a toddler, a new business venture, and real life and the game gets all the way thrown off. Don’t come for my crown just yet, though.  I am still the meal prepping Queen and I dare anyone to say otherwise.  I have, however, had to make some adjustments to get back on track.  Here are FIVE things that have made my meal prep easier - even when the busy is a beast.

1. Pick ONE day to prep

For most people, it is easier to prep on Sunday or Monday but if that is not the case for you, never fear!  The main goal is to pick one day that works best with YOUR schedule and dedicate that day to hit the grocery store and prepare your meals for the week.

2. Have a plan

One of the services that we offer here at FitXBrit are customized meal plans to fit your (or your family's) needs. We want our clients to foster a life of fit choices - minus the dread.  We pride ourselves in taking your family’s favorite meals and transforming them into clean eats! If you have the time to do this for yourself, go for it!  Make sure that you understand the protein, carbs, etc., you need for your body type as well as  fitness and nutritional goals before creating your plan. Satisfy your cravings with alternatives to the food you desire that best suit your PERSONAL goals! Everybody is different so why should everyone’s “diet” be the same?

3. Find some MOTIVATION

There are two things that really motivate me when it comes to prepping: 1) I have a partner who is in it with me and that helps to hold me accountable *hey Chan of CNKDaily.com*! And 2) I have pretty containers. Yes, I said pretty containers! My containers make me feel official and help me to take my prep game seriously! Whatever motivates you, do that!

My Favorite Meal Prep Containers

4. Don’t quit

Just because you miss a day doesn’t mean you have ruined the week. Sometimes we find ourselves saying, “Screw it. I’ll try again next week.” Nope! Don’t do that! Keep reminding yourself that YESTERDAY you said YESTERDAY and keep it moving. One setback does not have to stop the show.

5. Set a TIMER

I personally make sure that I am eating something every 3-4 hours and that is what works for me. Sometimes, I am not hungry but it’s still important to make sure that I am constantly fueling my body. So, I’ve opted to strategically time my daily threes (3 meals and 3 snacks a day) by setting a timer on my phone. I promise you it works ya’ll!

Suggested Fitness Trackers

What are some tips that you use when executing your weekly meal prep strategies?