Smoothies In a Bowl - Yay or Nay?

Honestly, you’d think I’d be completely in the know when it comes to health trends, but there are so many that I can barely keep up myself! However, the smoothie (no matter how you dress it up) has and will always stand the test of time.  Of this I am 100% sure!

Smoothie bowls have been flooding my timeline for the last 2 years and I have just recently decided to give them a try within the last couple of months.  Before I did, though, I had to uncover exactly what a smoothie bowl was and why I’d switch up my routine for smoothies in bowl vs. a cup.

After extensive research (because you know I consider myself a smoothie connoisseur, right?) I came up with these 3 reasons why smoothie bowls are kind of dope!



1. Because we are eliminating the need for a straw, you can really go all out and make your smoothie as thick as you want without any limitations! I don’t know about you, but with so many “limits” in my life knowing that my smoothie can be whatever I want kind of makes my heart smile!

2. Smoothie bowls are fun! Largely due to social media, I have a new respect for how creative people can get with their smoothie bowls.  You need only take a second to search #smoothiebowl on Instagram to see all of the dope creations. People are really getting artistic with it!

3. Bowls are definitely more filling! I love my smoothies in a cup and the convenience is undeniable, but on a day when I am a little more hungry it is good to know that I can still get my everyday smoothie goodness and add some granola, fresh fruit, chia seeds, or shaved coconut. The possibilities are endless!

Even though I am still a beginner when it comes to smoothie bowls, I didn’t want to leave you without a recipe for my favorite combination this week.



Acai Berry Bowl

1 /2 or 1 avocado (depends on how thick you want your bowl to be)

½ cup strawberries

1  Sambazon Acai Superfruit Pack

½ cup blueberries

1 handful of kale

1 handful of spinach

½ cup pineapple

¼ cup raspberries

Blend all ingredients in your blender

Top with: Manitoba Hemp Hearts and New England Naturals Unsweetened Berry Coconut Granola


Are you a fan of the smoothie bowl craze? If so, what are some of your favorite combinations?