#FitChicks: 3 Ways To Meal Prep For Your Budget

Last week, we hipped you to #FitChicks: 5 Spots To Score Activewear On a Budget and this week we are going to take it a step further and hook you up with 3 tips to step your meal prepping up while avoiding putting a dent in your wallet. We know that meal prepping has gotten a lot of attention in the last couple of years as timelines are flooding with meal prep images, encouraging the masses to jump on board to one of the latest health trends.

There are so many myths surrounding meal prepping, that it’s pretty understandable why some people may not be quite as excited about jumping on board. Did you know that meal prepping isn’t all about the protein? In fact if you are really working on balancing your diet, you should be using the 25-25-50 rule.  Twenty-five percent of your plate should contain some source of protein, another twenty-five for your starches, and fifty percent should be all about the veggies. Now, that doesn’t mean let’s load up on the mashed potatoes and gravy - in fact, the focus should be on picking lean meats or plant-based protein sources as well as whole grains. Cooking less meat and bulking up with other sources of protein like beans can really save your food budget. Another myth is that meal prepping is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be!

That said, myself (who offers affordable customized meal plans AND personal shopping trips for those of you who need a bit of an extra push) and Chan compiled 3 tips to make your food budget work for YOUR meal prep.  Because, despite what you may have heard, the key to LIVING YOUR FIT starts with what you put into your temple. You can’t out train a bad diet so, why not use some of your hard earned money to honor that work out with fresh goodies that’ll make you feel (and look) amazing?  Let’s get to it.

1. Plan Your Meals Using Your Sales Sheets

We focus on planning our meals based off of what is in season and what is on sale and it has really made the difference. Of course, the whole premise around meal prepping is to plan but if you see that Kroger or Sprouts has kale on sale, then heck - let’s make Green Tacos! Build your meal planning around deals and you can save yourself big bucks at the register.

Image Viktor Haneck

Image Viktor Haneck

2. Forego Convenience

Skip prepackaged veggies and salad mixes. We know it saves time, but when we are focusing on stacking those coins every little bit helps and that extra 5 minutes it may take to chop all of your veggies can ultimately save you $15-20 per week if your veggie consumption is anything like ours! Plus, pre-packaged often times tend to go bad faster, so cutting your leafy greens and storing them in the crisper in your fridge is super beneficial!

Image Epicurious.com

Image Epicurious.com


3. Skip The Trash And Freeze

One rule of thumb that we follow is the art of freezing! This can save you both money and time. If you are making your favorite healthy casserole or soup dish based off of shopping your sales sheets, make a little extra and just freeze it for later. Onions or bell peppers on sale? Did you stock up on some of your favorite veggies and notice they may be getting a little soft? Chop those bad boys up and freeze them! Repeat after us, THE FREEZER IS YOUR FRIEND!

We hope that these tips save you all the money so you can take that trip, buy that car, or accomplish that savings goal! It’s happening and you will look and feel amazing once you get there! What are some of the things that you have implemented to save your household money when trying to maintain a healthy living, lifestyle?