L.Y.F.E meets James Edward Earl of Ready Heroes Fitness

Live Your Fit Everyday (L.Y.F.E), is about not just posting about a healthy living, lifestyle but actually embodying that lifestyle. It's about doing YOUR personal best every day.  As much as I love a great workout and trying new things, fitness itself in not my area of expertise, so I have sought out some of my favorite fit people that can help you to take your fitness to a whole other level! Throughout the next 4 weeks I will be introducing you to James Edward Earl of Ready Heroes Fitness and will be spotlighting some of his favorite exercises weekly! So let's get to it! 

Name: James Edward Earl

Occupation: Social Worker LBSW, MPA, and NESTA Certified Personal Trainer

Age: 30

Description of Brand(s)

Hero for Hire Fitness is my personal training brand that I started over a year ago. I provide one on one personal training, online training.

IG: Heroforhirefitness

Email: Trainerjames3@yahoo.com

The Ready Heroes Fitness Camp was established in January as joint venture between myself and a close friend. We wanted to make health and wellness  accessible to as many people as possible at a reasonable, respectable price. We provide full body workouts and online support via our FB group. Camp sessions are 3 times a week; Mondays at 7pm and Saturdays at 9:30am are our traditional boot camp classes, and we also offer Zumba on Tuesdays at 7pm. Camp Location is 3651 Sycamore School Rd #400 Fort Worth, Tx 76133. Sessions run from January-August and in September we start our offseason, in which we focus on community oriented tasks. Currently we are holding free bimonthly camps at 10:30a on Saturdays at Eastern Hills Elementary. 5917 Shelton Rd. Fort Worth TX 76112.

IG: readyheroes_fitnesscamp

FB: Ready Heroes Fitness Camp

Twitter: @ReadyHeroes

RHFC Mission:
Our mission is to foster a community of fitness by providing a transformative experience through physical activity, proper nutrition, community activism, and the advocacy of overall health and wellness.

We at the RHFC believes every Hero can reach their full potential if they are in an environment conducive to personal growth, hence our STEM values: ...





These are our core values, and the driving force behind what we do.

MottoBecome fit; change your body. Become a hero; change your life.


Make sure you follow James Edward Earl and the Ready Heroes Fitness Crew and check back next week for phase 1 of 3, of his "go-to" exercises!


Brittany Giles