Compression Gear: Fun Trend or Fitness Necessity with SKINS

I am OK with saying that I am more a realist than an optimist. Sometimes that has worked in my favor and other times, not so much. So, when it comes with buying into fitness trends that hit the scene, I am definitely someone that is willing to try new things out, but you better believe I am going to do my research!

The compression athletic wear trend has been around for the last couple of years but mostly you run into skeptics or people that swear by their benefits. I had my first experience last year and definitely noticed how they helped maintain my body temperature while taking a couple of laps around the Katy Trail.

So imagine my excitement when I was presented with the opportunity to try out the SKINS all-new K-PROPRIUM women’s long tights and put my research to the test for a second time. They are taking compression to a whole other level with the addition of proprioception! Proprioception is the unconscious perception of motion and spatial awareness. It’s the body’s ability to sense movement in the joints, so you’re aware of where your limbs are without having to look. It’s important for everyday activities like standing and walking, but it’s even more important during physical activity where dynamic movements and coordination are vital for optimal performance. Who doesn’t want in on all of that?!

According to Skins, “K-PROPRIUM helps improve your performance by getting more oxygen to your active muscles and removing waste products from the body faster. But that’s not all. With the addition of the unique PPB’s, that have a similar effect to athletic strapping, the SKINS K-Proprium tights take the benefits of compression one step further by stimulating proprioception.”

SKINS was extremely intentional about how they placed the bands in this design, which resulted in a product that will definitely enhance your athletic performance.

So, with all of that said I would definitely say that compression gear is a fitness necessity, depending on your physical activity, and is worth the investment. My only complaint would be that for me personally these tights did not enhance the physical look of my physique. I felt that my butt did not sit up like it usually does in my other tights, but the way I felt after my run made up for that flaw in my books.

What is your experience with compression tights and would you give these a try when they launch officially February 1, 2017? Until then check out all things SKINS here.

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