#SWOLEMATE: Why it Pays to Sweat with your Sweetheart

Photo by  Curtis MacNewton  

Photo by Curtis MacNewton 

Perhaps we have been focusing on the wrong thing when it comes to exercise. Sure, we all want to lose weight, get healthy, and tone a fit body...but according to research, these kinds of physical results are not the driving force that push you to run that extra mile or lift those extra weights.

What IS the driving force?

It is the same force that pushes us to do anything (Go to work, clean our homes, prepare meals, accomplish goals, etc.)

...It’s relationship!

Photo by  Jakob Owens  

Photo by Jakob Owens 

Humans are social creatures. We thrive in healthy environments through shared experiences. Exercising with a partner is the ultimate healthy social experience so what better way to promote well-being than to work out with your sweetheart? When you and your honey become swolemates (exercise buddies) you enjoy a deeper emotional and physical connection. We live busy lives and coordinating time with a partner can be difficult, but it is well worth it.

We have all heard that exercise releases a flood of feel-good hormones, but did you know that your brain forms a pathway that connects those feel-good hormones with the environment or people that your are with? If you were grumpy with each other earlier in the day, doing something physical together can erase the memory of that offense. In addition, the feel-good hormones stay in the bloodstream for hours after the workout to lower your stress threshold so you can stay calm in future situations.

Exercising with your honey will automatically increase your effort and ability to do the activity thus helping you get a more productive workout. This phenomenon is because we are electrical beings and our frequency, heartbeat and energy subconsciously move to match your partners- you become isync with each other. It’s like your bodies are tuning into the same radio channel.

By working out together once or twice a week or taking a daily walk you create an emotional and physical bond that goes well beyond how you look or feel on the outside. For many, being your honey’s swolemate just may be the glue that grows into a long-lasting, healthy relationship.



Husband and wife team Danny and Denise Locsin are fitness experts that specialize in relationship and family exercise. They are the creators of the Yokebar, which has been described as the ultimate family exercise program. As a busy mother of four, Denise wanted something that was high intensity, but also safe and easy to set up. Finding a system that could adapt to a variety of fitness needs and ability levels was challenging. The requirements became even broader when Danny injured himself and was forced to give up his usual exercise routine.


After much scientific research and testing, Yokebar was born. Today, Danny and Denise train people in the Yoke Training System and also are the founders of Hi5 Produce, a leading corporate produce delivery service located in the Silicon Valley.

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