How to Transition Your Skincare Routine from Winter to Spring

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We’ve already enjoyed some April showers now that the veil of snow and chill has finally lifted, but that means we need to restructure our skincare regime in order to prep our complexion for the sunny days ahead. Much like you need to swap your sweaters for T-shirts and shorts, it’s time for your skin to shed the winter dull and greet the spring warmth.

But these weather changes are an incredible shock to your skin, hence the need to take it slow and start making changes even now, before the temperatures rise even further. As opposed to the heavy lotions and creams we’ve used during the winter months in order to minimize the effects of harsh winds and freezing temperatures, we now need to focus on lighter, yet equally impactful items.

Start with Spring Cleaning

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Have you already ditched the worn-out jeggings to get a fresh pair of wide-leg pants made of breezy materials? Do your bathroom cabinets a favor and clean them out to evaluate which products can stay, and which ones need replacing. Using expired moisturizers and keeping almost empty lotion bottles isn’t the best way to start your spring, so get rid of them as soon as possible.

This way, you’ll make room for the new items you’ll be able to use for months. Before you get into that beauty shopping mode, do some research to check if there are any products out there that could replace your existing ones. For example, the latest trends revolve around multi-purpose items, such as Babe Balm for your lips that also serves as a makeup remover, and keeps your face flawlessly hydrated.

Scrub the Dullness Away

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A key step in making this seasonal transition truly smooth is regular exfoliation. Some experts claim that using mild exfoliators every day is ideal, while those that contain physical exfoliants meant for scrubbing should be reserved for once or twice per week.

In addition to exfoliation, we can take a hint from wise Aussie girls who also take care of potential pigmentation and redness by choosing different skin treatments at their trusty skin care clinic in Perth and other major cities. That way, they can prep their complexion for summer, help their skin shed those dead skin cells and the dirt buildup that naturally occurs during winter. With free pores, you can help your skin produce more collagen and boost your microcirculation, so your creams will penetrate better and heal your complexion.

Hydrate and Nourish

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If you have used heavy, oily creams to keep your skin smooth and dryness at bay, spring doesn’t tolerate these winter-friendly choices in your beauty cabinet. They will only suffocate your skin and clog your pores, which may lead to various pimple and blackhead troubles.

Instead, go for lighter, water-based mists and moisturizers, some of which you can even carry in your bag at all times to refresh your face on a regular basis when you spend plenty of time in the sun. Some skin types will benefit from swapping creams for gels, as well, especially if they contain cooling ingredients such as aloe vera.

Stay Sun-Safe

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No matter where you live, and how mild the sun may be, the UV radiation can still wreak havoc on your complexion in the upcoming sunny months. That is why you should definitely invest in a sunscreen that will both be perfect for your skin type and preferably for the planet as well – and the Badger all-natural sunscreen makes for a great choice both for your face and your body.

Don’t forget to put on a pair of your favorite shades and perhaps even a lovely fedora, because for those who live in exceptionally warm regions, the sun can become a real issue even in the early days of spring. Keep it with you at all times, just in case you need to reapply, and keep those wrinkles, dark spots, and sunburn at bay!

Go Light With The Makeup

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Just like with your clothes and your basic skincare, your beauty routine should also be reinvented to make room for lighter varieties of your winter makeup essentials. No more heavy foundations and pore-clogging blush! The nude look is still in, so you can even try a completely makeup-free style, but for those among you who love their beauty kits, you can still use certain lighter products.

You can opt for Stila’s oil-free foundation for a nature-inspired look, while pastel shades and lipsticks with a moisturizing effect are a great choice to keep your face happy and beautiful at the same time. A bit of glow is also welcome, and brighter shades for your eye-shadow and lips are ideal for spring!

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