L.Y.F.E gives you "Bandz" with WADESTRONG Fitness: Suspended Knee-Nose Crunch

Do we really have to say goodbye to Ashley Wade?! Can she just stay on and bring us amazing goodies every week?! Well, if you feel like I feel then let’s join her team and enlist her amazing services to make this year the year of our best bodies!

As you move forward in your journey to “Live Your Fit” everyday, I felt it would be best to leave you with three benefits of bodyweight training AND one last workout for the road.  So, don’t be scared and get put some bodyweight training in your life! Ok?


  1. “Most exercises are compound exercises, which are widely considered to favour muscle growth far quicker than isolation exercises.”

  2. “While weight lifting may have a very slight advantage over bodyweight training - in the sense that progression is smoother - bodyweight training makes up for it with its greater variety, and balance, agility, and flexibility gains.”

  3. “Bodyweight exercises are extremely convenient and effective. You don’t need any equipment or gym subscription, since you’ll be using your own body as your resistance.”


Suspended Knee-Nose Crunch

This exercise focuses on the core, arms and legs.


  • Start on hands and knees

  • Place one foot in each strap with shoe laces facing down

  • Keep the hands under the shoulders

  • Engage the core and lift to an extended plank position

  • Squeeze the glutes and abdominal muscles to prevent lower back from dipping

  • Pull one knee into the nose and round the upper back while exhaling

  • Extended the leg back and straighten the body so you are back to your starting point

  • Repeat on the other leg


Complete 12-20 reps alternating knees for 3 sets

In the meantime, make sure you incorporate those Suspended Superman with Hip Extensions and Suspended Pistol Squat with Low Rows into your routine and I promise you, you will feel the burn - in the best way.

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