Finding Krista

“I would sit up with you, but I’m sick myself” V. Micheal McKay


Well, I have been Missing in Action (MIA) for awhile due to the pressures of life (new school year, coaching volleyball season, new granddaughter), the expectations of work and the responsibilities of family has sapped my strength: physically, mentally, and emotionally, causing me to hit the proverbial wall. You know that wall that half marathoners hit between mile 7– to 10 and the same wall that marathoners hit at mile 15 - to 20.

Even as I hit the wall the pressure doesn’t cease, and I’m feeling pulled in every direction but like in any race I have to make a decision, do I stop and don’t finish the race? Or Do I keep pushing although I’m emotionally injured? For this one, I stop! Because, it’s time for some “me time,” and a little self-preservation.


So, what did I do to regain my mental/emotional strength? I signed up to attend The Affirmation Summit, a day of self-love in the company of other women with one goal in mind which was to regain our authenticity and remove the constraints of time. Concentrating on mindfulness techniques inspired by my self-worth and my "why." I invited my friend Eve to attend the summit, and we had the best Saturday ever, although the weather was rainy there was a pot of gold at the end of the summit.

burning sage.jpeg

While at the summit I realized that a lot of my struggles was due to clutter, so my take away from the summit was to “Declutter.” This process included my house, my responsibilities, and my social circle. I also incorporated burning sage to remove negativity from my environment and some deep body sleep healing meditation.

 Picture Credit  The Global Race

Picture Credit The Global Race

So, I’m refreshed and renewed and ready to hit the pavement with a new outlook on life and running which is good because tomorrow I’m running the Global Energy race (10k), in Dallas.

It’s race day, and it’s raining, but I didn’t let that stop me because of the positive affirmations that I learned at the summit I couldn’t stay home.

Watch out runners, I’m dusting off my running shoes and hitting the pavement with new goals and an abundance of positive energy.


Next stop, the Haunted Half, October 28th, in Austin, Tx. I would love to see you there. Need a little more motivation use promo code FitXBrit.



P.S. Don’t forget to hashtag #ontherunwithkrista when you hit the pavement, I’ll be looking for you. See you on the pavement.


Tomato-Based Supplement Reduces Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage in Endurance Runners


An active lifestyle is unequivocally good for us, if it is not taken to the extreme. Though, physical activity can sometimes take a toll on our bodies. Harnessing the power of nutrition to help balance the stress, muscle damage, and fatigue, can help keep ourselves in the best condition and enjoying the full spectrum of benefits that exercise holds.

Optimizing muscle recovery, balancing muscle damage and enhancing muscle resilience to the stress associated with exercise are essential for both athletes and casual exercisers. Data suggest that two of the leading causes of muscle damage on the cellular level include oxidative stress and inflammation. Historical studies suggest that carotenoids from natural tomatoes can balance oxidative stress and inflammatory processes. Lycored took this information and then examined whether they might influence muscle damage. The continuous intake of tomato complex containing the carotenoids lycopene, phytoene, and phytofluene supplementation with a balance diet, decreased muscle damage after a long-distance run.

To see faster recover times, try including more tomatoes into your diet or pick up a good natural whole tomato complex supplement.


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In Search Of A "PR"


So, you’ve been consistently running ( noticed that I said you, because I’ve been slacking in the consistency department), and now it's time to take your goals to another level. First things first, you must decide on a comfortable race distance, before Dopey my comfortable race distance was 13.1, but lately my training has declined some and my new distance is 6.2 (10K), of course I can still run a half marathon but my time and pace aren’t what I would desire them to be, so I decided to focus on a shorter distance. Now that you’ve set a realistic and comfortable race distance, there are a few things that runners can do on and off of the pavement to increase their speed and reach that new race PR.


Interval runs are not foreign to runners but sometimes we forget the basics which causes a decline in our pace and endurance. Interval runs can be done on any surface, a track, a trail, a treadmill, an elliptical trainer, and even the dreaded stair stepper. Any exercise equipment that allows you to participate in hard burst of efforts ( 8-10 on a scale of 10) followed by an easy recovery period ( 2 or 3 on a scale of 10). Although interval runs will not get easier they will make you stronger and faster, and there is an added bonus “weight loss”.


You’ve tried interval running and you just don’t feel or see the results you're looking for, or you just need to add something else to your routine. May I suggest hills, hills, and more hills. My running group which meets on Tuesday/Thursday recently added hill repeats to the schedule on Thursday. Hill repetition runs develop running-specific strength (stronger legs) and high-intensity fatigue resistance. Although hill repetition can be performed on a treadmill or other cardio machines, the best method in my opinion is an actual hill with a moderate incline that's long enough to run up for the prescribed time (30 seconds or more) at a time.


Now, let's have a little fun and bring back a technique that we used in PE class or just outside with friends, “Jump Ropes.” As children we jumped rope just to pass the time or to see who could jump the longest, not realizing that jumping rope would help you increase your speed. With this training technique you could work on your PR and spend a little time with the children by challenging them to a jumping contest, not only will you get faster but you could actually become the cool parent.


Alright, you have three new techniques or maybe just reminders of ways to increase your speed and set that new PR, I certainly plan to go and pick up a jump rope or two so that I can start jumping and beat my boys in a jump rope contest. I would love to hear which technique you plan to incorporate into your training in the comment section below or on my IG page @ontherunwithkrista. Happy running and I hope to see you on the pavement.



P.S. Don’t forget to hashtag #ontherunwithkrista when you hit the pavement, I’ll be looking for you. See you on the pavement.


5 on the 4th

FOTF (7-4-18)[5].jpg

On the 4th of July we celebrate freedom, food, and fireworks, but for runners this year we also celebrated the freedom to run. I began my holiday celebration by running 5 hot as a fire-a-cracker miles.


As I approached the starting line the traditional protocols where in place such as the singing of the National Anthem, but today the song had just a little more meaning since it is the 4th of July and we are celebrating 242 years of freedom for the USA.

As you looked around you saw runners dressed in all types of patriotic attire, from flag shorts, to tank tops, tights, visors, actual American flags, and a sea of red, white and blue. The song is over, Mr. Paul Lambert, Race Director, has given us some words of encouragement, and the energy is high. There’s only one thing left to do, RUN!

This race had something for everybody. If you are a novice or elite runner then it offered a 5 mile run. The route was a mixture of flat pavement, inclines, and full hills. Which I really enjoyed because I like a challenge, who has time to get up early on a holiday for an easy course? Not this runner.. Also, let’s take into consideration the more challenging the course the more calories burned, which means I can eat, drink and be merry for the reminder of the day.

Not quite ready to run or walk 5 miles, or you want to bring the little one and a stroller, or maybe you just need to get your steps in so you can win the fitbit challenge (I don’t know how we ever made it without tracking our steps), then the 2 mile walk would be perfect for you. The 2 mile walk started 45 mins after the 5 mile run which was great because then no one feels intimidated by the elite runners, and the other runners didn't have the frustration of the weaving between strollers. Now, I did see a couple of strollers on the 5 mile run but I can’t complain because their pace was better than my pace, (maybe I need to get me a stroller, don’t worry next year my granddaughter should be ready to join the party).


I did say this race had something for everyone so you guessed it, they offered a 2 mile walk for the dogs (our fur babies). The 2 mile dog walk started with the 2 mile run which was perfect. The race description for our fur babies emphasized well behaved fur babies so that meant I had to leave my fur daughter Kyla at home. To make it even more special the fur babies,(meet AJ and Franklin) also received race swag, that included a race bib, bandana, and a finishers medal, AWESOME!


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better the clock struck 10am and the announcer called for the kids race. What? there’s more… I thought the kids/strollers ran with their parents, but no they had their own race experience. As the children lined up to run 100m, 400m, or 800m you could see the excitement in their eyes and the competitive spirit in the older kids.


On your mark, get set, go, and off they went some by themselves and some like Jaxx Fitts with pacifier in mouth, needed any extra push (no stroller) from mom (Tara), but he finished on his own, upright and happy. Some of the bigger kids loved it so much that they crossed the finish line did a u-turn and ran it again. I just love to see kids moving!!!


The temperature was already a hot and humid 87 degrees at 8am when the race started. Due to the heat, hydration was a must and there was adequate water stations along the route but smart runners also carried hydration with them (I wasn’t a smart runner). Although the sun was high in the sky and the temperature was raising the route was really shady which was definitely a plus.

At the finish line there was a little surprise twist for hydration, WATERMELON! In addition to regular H2O, there was a table of quarter sliced sweet and refreshing watermelon(I think they read my blog on how to beat the heat).


This added touch made the race feel more like a family affair because you saw runners and their families sitting on the lawn, some with blankets enjoying the watermelon, music and some adult hydrations sponsored by Samuel Adams.


Not only was there a twist with the watermelon but there was another twist, the medal or can you say medallion. The medallion was a great design of the race logo, the twist was it was rubber instead of the traditional medal. Some runners found this to be less than their expectations for bling but I thought it was different, practical and nice. The thought that crossed my mind was the medallion was also given to the kids and the fur babies, so how safe would a sharp and heavy metal be for them.


I can’t say enough about this race, but don’t just take my word, grab your entire family, mark your calendar and sign up for the 5 on the 4th 2019, you will not be disappointed.




P.S. Don’t forget to hashtag #ontherunwithkrista when you hit the pavement, I’ll be looking for you. See you on the pavement.


Beat the Heat

Running in Texas in the summer is no joke. The heat is horrible and the humidity is even worse. Most days after my run I’m soaking wet from head to toe as if I just jumped into a swimming pool. Since not running is not an option, and who wants to spend the whole summer on the treadmill, what can I do to beat the heat?


Run Early

When the average temperature is 100 degrees with a heat index that makes it feel like 106 degrees how in the world do I train for my Fall races? The answer is you must run early, which in Texas means before 7am. Running early is my normal routine just because I’m a morning person, single mom with an active teenage boy, teacher and coach, so if I don’t get my fitness routine in before my house wakes up and before the day takes over, it will not get done. Also, running in the morning helps me to mentally prepare for the day, (did I mention I teach high school).

But if you're trying to beat the heat, the temperature is lowest in the morning and the sun is at its weakest point. You may still encounter some humidity but that’s better than baking while running.


Forget Pace

OMG forget pace, now for most runners this is not going to happen. We are so in tune with our current and desired pace that forgetting it is not an option. Most of the time I can’t even run if all my devices aren’t properly functioning.

When trying to stay cool while running the best practice is to run by effort and intuition, not by the number on your GPS watch. I’ve recently started to run without my TomTom watch not just because of the heat but because I need to focus on time on the pavement and not pace, and to my surprise I actually had a slightly better pace by listening to my body and not looking at my watch.

Since we are forgetting about pace to stay cool, try focusing on time rather than distance. I’ve noticed that most training programs on the Nike app and the Pear app are set up by time and not mileage so this should be an easy accomplishment.



Staying hydrated is easier said than done in my opinion. Your body will tell you if you are hydrated or dehydrated. The first sign is the color of your urine, if you are properly hydrated your urine will be light in appearance, if your urine is dark in color when you wake up for your morning run then make sure and take some type of hydration on the run, especially if you are doing a long run. But in this Texas heat every run feels like a long run. Additional signs include feeling thirsty, cramps, headaches and fatigue, these signs are mostly noticeable during your run or after a run.

Drinking water is on the top of my list but not everyone can drink 91 ounces for women and 125 ounces for men which is the recommendation of the US Department of Agriculture. So if you are not a fan of water there is another option to help with hydration, instead of drinking you can eat.


There are several fruits and vegetables that have a high water content which will help you stay hydrated such as watermelon, strawberries, peaches, grapefruit, cantaloupe, oranges, cucumbers, lettuce, soups and broths, zucchini, celery, tomatoes, bell pepper, cauliflower and cabbage.

In addition to water, fruits and vegetables don’t forget to add some type of electrolytes, hydration water such as Hoist or hydration tablets, such as Nuunor Spark (Advocare). Another great rehydration beverage is coconut water but for me it must be well chilled.


Alright, there you have it, a few tips to help you stay cool on the pavement. So set that alarm clock for 5am, properly hydrate yourself, leave your watch at home, lace up and hit the pavement. You got this….





P.S. Don’t forget to hashtag #ontherunwithkrista when you hit the pavement, I’ll be looking for you. See you on the pavement.


It's Training Season


’ve signed my 30 day contract with myself to run at least 30 minutes a day; 6 days a week ( I need 1 day to recover) and I would have to say that so far it's going well.

After my last blog (Why Am I Not Running) I connected with my co-worker Christina and her running group and I joined them for their Saturday long run of 7 miles. This is an awesome group, with ages ranging from 20-70 and the 70 year old male runner is a Boston qualifier which he will participate in this year. So, now that I’m back on the pavement what race am I training for?


If you are a novice runner or a veteran runner you may be aware that when training season begins you have to make two important decisions. First, what distance I’m going to run and second, what race am I training for? You might even decide to run races as a part of your training if your ultimate goal is to run a half or full marathon. But racing fees can add up if your not careful, so let’s look at a few local races with promotional discount codes.

Run For The Blue 5k - Saturday, July 7th, 8am, at Trinity Groves. Act fast because this race is FREE, but during checkout you can give a donation to assist the families of slain and injured officers.

Hot Trot Half Marathon, 10K and 5K - Saturday, August 11th, 7:30 am, on the Continental Bridge Gateway Plaza in Dallas. Promo Code - Lee for $5 off any distance. Expires August 10th at midnight.

The Haunted Half and 5K - Sunday, October 28th, 8am, at the J. Lorraine Ghost Town in Austin, Tx. Promo Code - FitxBrit for 15% off. Expires October 21st

Trinity River Run Half Marathon, 10K and 5K (night run) - November 10th, on the Continental Bridge Gateway Plaza in Dallas. Promo Code - KRISTA18 for 15% off. Expires November 10th at noon.


Ok, your not from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area or you would like to run a destination race; check out my fellow blogger's page Jenna Runs for more discount codes. Now, you nor I have any excuse with all of these great discounts. It’s time to load up our race schedule and hit the pavement.





P.S. Don’t forget to hashtag #ontherunwithkrista when you hit the pavement, I’ll be looking for you. See you on the pavement.


5 Tips on Nutrition Every Vegan Runner Should Know

5 Tips on Nutrition Every Vegan Runner Should Know.jpg

If there’s ever been a time to go vegan, it’s now. From all the vegan-friendly meals in restaurants and completely vegan fast-food places to all the vegan-related information you can find online, changing your diet seems simple. However, when you’re a combo of a vegan and a runner, there are some things you should be careful about, especially if you want to achieve your optimal performance.

Here is what to pay attention to.

Calorie Intake

Calorie intake.jpg

Once you completely take away meat, eggs and dairy from your diet, you lose your sources or protein, but protein is something you can make up for by eating the right foods, such as leafy greens, nuts, tofu and chickpeas. It’s actually the calorie sources you’ve lost that can create problems for you. When you exercise for a race, the lack of calories can lower your energy levels drastically and make you feel exhausted, meaning that you can’t perform as well as you need to.

The key is to eat as many different plant-based foods as you can, especially calorie-dense ones, and you’ll be able to keep up with your workout regimen while maintaining your body-mind wellbeing.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals.jpg

In a vegan diet, you need to be careful you consume enough of essential vitamins and minerals. For instance, since iron found in plants is very poorly absorbed, vegans need nearly twice as much of it as non-vegans. So, cook some kale or spinach, add some seeds, like pumpkin or squash, and don’t stay too far away from a bit of pasta or bread. Also, make sure you add enough vitamin C to your diet, since it helps absorb the iron from plants.

Most vitamins and minerals you need can be found in vegan food, but there are some that can’t, at least not in an adequate amount. For example, you can find omega-3 fatty acids and B12 in walnuts and flax seeds, but that probably won’t suffice. Luckily, this problem can be solved as simply as ordering supplemental vitamins online and having them delivered to your doorstep in no time.

Meal Plan

Meal plan.jpg

If you’ve decided to be a vegan runner, you have to do it properly and very carefully. You have to be prepared, which includes some simple tools, like a good knife for chopping vegetables and fruit, as well as a strong blender and a few good pots and skillets for preparing your vegan meals. It’s important that your meals are well-planned and include all the nutrients you need to function normally on- or off-track.

Also, the way you time your meals is very important. Eating just before a run will slow you down since all your blood will be diverted to your leg muscles, which means your stomach could take a lot more time to process what you’ve eaten. Instead, have your meal an hour before your training so that you give yourself some time to digest and improve your running performance.

Find A Good Balance

The way you balance your pace while running helps you reach the finish line and be a successful runner. The situation is very similar with your vegan diet, which is crucial if you want to stay vegan and keep running. As an athlete, you should probably consume at least 2500 calories a day, but not just any calories. It’s essential that you have a good balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fat. For runners, it’s usually 60%-25%-15%, respectively. You can increase the carbohydrates by some 5% or 10% a few days before an important race in case you need to practice longer and require more endurance in those days.

Make sure you opt for complex carbohydrates, like those in whole grain pasta and some vegetables, rather than simple carbohydrates found in white bread and most pastries.

Sodium Consumption

Sodium consumption  (1).jpg

Although consuming too much sodium can cause several health issues, the most important of which is probably hypertension, not everybody should stop putting salt in their food. Runners often spend hours in endurance practice, which means they lose a lot of sodium by simply sweating. So, unless you don’t sweat when running for hours, you should find a way to maintain the levels of sodium in your organism. If your run takes longer than an hour, opt for a sports drink with some added sodium and potassium, as well as munching something salty after your practice to make up for the sodium you’ve lost.

Although being vegan while trying to be a top athlete can seem challenging and take a lot of planning, if you’re serious about it, you can make it work. Educate yourself about your nutritional options and stay healthy and strong by keeping your diet balanced and your workout regular.

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Why Am I Not Running?

Running up stairs.jpg

Why am I not running? Why has my pace decreased? Why are my weekly and monthly miles low? Do I even want to run (now of course I do)? All of these questions come to mind daily and besides the normal answers to these questions, such as: I’m tired, I’m recovering from a marathon (which was 5 months ago, exactly how long does it take to recover?) and I’m injured (this is a legitimate reason, but at some point it's time to start running).

As I begin to ponder on these questions my mind always drifts to Proverb 29:18a “Where there is no vision, the people will perish”(KJV). This statement is so true in all aspects of life, but when I relate it to running I replace the word “vision” with “goal” and the the word “people” with “runner” so I say, where there are no goals the runner will perish.

Exactly what do I mean? It appears that when I don’t have any races on my calendar each week, bi-weekly and lately it's been each month then I don’t make running a priority. I make every excuse and yes I said excuse because my reasons are simply an attempt to justify why I’m not doing what I should and to be honest what I enjoy. School is out, so I have extra time no more excuses, where do I start?

weekly planner photo.jpg

I start with exactly what the passage in Proverbs prescribes I must set a goal. Specifically a S.M.A.R.T. goal, it needs to to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. Here is the plan:

S - Find a local race / set a running calendar/set a mileage goal for the month (this month I’m shooting for 100 miles)

M - Sign up for the race, because once I pay the race fee I’m definitely running.

A - Decide on a distance, since I have not been running, It’s unrealistic to think that I can successfully run a half with a good pace, so that means I will be looking for a 5k or a 10k. To be honest with this Texas heat that’s a realistic distance.

R - Commit to a training program with daily miles.

T- Run the race within the next 30 days.


To help me with my goal I’m going to utilize a commitment technique that I read in The 30-Minute Runner by Duncan Larkin. I’m going to sign a contract with myself, and if you know me once I commit to something my mind will not let me uncommit. By signing this contract I am committing to the following elements and conditions:

Perseverance, I will endure through struggle and strife; Passion, I will make a total commitment to living a healthier lifestyle (if you read my blogon last week about elimination eating programs I decided on the Whole30 program, the struggle for me is dairy, carbs, and gains but so far I’m doing good), Patience, I can’t get discouraged with my current pace, I must accept where I am currently because my body will not change overnight, and Prioritization, I have to RUN!

quote in book.jpg

Now I have a plan and new mindset, stay tune to my IG: @ontherunkrista and my insta-story. If you have set some new goals I would love for you to share them with me in the comment section or on your IG page but don’t forget to #ontherunwithkrista or tag me in your post.



P.S. Don’t forget to hashtag #ontherunwithkrista when you hit the pavement, I’ll be looking for you. See you on the pavement.




feet on scale.jpg

#Gainingweightiscool, is the new social media craze. This new movement has shifted the focus from being skinny to achieving overall health. The movement is known as Ditch the Scale to Get Healthy which was first tweeted by fitness blogger Ariana Dentone. As you all know social media is the new info market for the 21st century, everything you need from fitness advice to stock exchange advice can be found somewhere on instagram; facebook or twitter. I am on board with this movement because the scale is mentally draining, it can lead to depression, anxiety and on the extreme end eating disorders.

hand and tape measure.jpg

Although the movement of ditching the scale is awesome we still have to be mindful of obesity and unhealthy weight gain. Recently I have noticed that my body composition has changed and my weight has shifted, I didn’t need the scale to tell me this I noticed it while looking at my image in my birthday suit, as well as how my clothes are beginning to fit and not fit. I stepped on the scale to confirm and yes my weight has increased by 5 pounds. (OMG) So that started me to thinking about how I plan to get this unwanted, unhealthy weight off. Due to my foot injury my miles have been low and my strength training has been less consistent, so the first step is to get back these two things back on track.

But, I still need to shed some pounds so I begin to investigate some of the elimination eating plans. You notice I didn’t say DIET because the first three letters of this word spells DIE and that’s definitely not the goal. Now keep in mind that I live a pescaterian (fish only, no land animals) lifestyle, so in my mind I have eliminated enough, but obviously that’s not true, because were has this unwanted weight come from?

The two plans that interested me the most are Keto and Whole 30. Why, because I have two co-workers who successfully incorporated these elimination plans into their lifestyle. Since I’m not the expert, I will share with you what I found out about each plan directly from them.

grill meat.jpg

My first talk was with Coach Freeman ( teachers we only go by last names) and she has successfully been on Keto for about year, of course this includes the maintenance phase also. Here is what I learned...

Things I gave up:

Sugar, potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, fruit, carrots, corn, peas, beans


Keto is not a calorie based diet, but what works for me is to stay below 1200 calories per day

Percentages of calories:

70%-75% Fat,
20%-25% Protein,
5%-10% Carbs


All or most of my carbs come from green vegetable…

While on this journey I learned that cauliflower is awesome!


The goal is to get into a state of ketosis, so the body is burning fat from energy instead of carbs and sugar. By doing this, the body burns stored fat…fat loss= weight loss.


I can only speak for myself, but in five months I lost 70 pounds. Once in a state of ketosis, food cravings and hunger nearly disappeared. Also, when in ketosis I experience high energy, and I think more clearly. As far as health benefits, besides weight loss, my blood pressure, cholesterol, and A1C have gone down significantly. I also sleep better.


Carb cycling, several days on keto and several days off allows me to maintain that weight loss.


Now let’s look at Whole30 with Coach Spence..

Things I gave up:

Fruits, dairy, sugar, pasta, breads, rice,  and nuts

Long list, but the main things for me that were hardest were of course sweets.  Because I loved my Peanut M & M’s. Week 1 was the hardest for me and I was told that I was moody from it, but after that it was easy.  Dairy was a tough one also.


The basic requirements are learning how to change your eating habits.  As I stated before, you will have to give up a lot of comfort type foods, the reason being is that this is technically a cleanse.  Yes you will lose weight, but you are cleaning your body and training your mind,


The whole concept is to cleanse your body of processed foods and foods that can cause bloating and that affects your digestive system.  You will lose weight with this, but it is first a cleanse. Meal prepping is the key to being successful and you have to be very selective on where you go out and eat at.

Personal testimony:

Man, I actually liked doing the whole30.  I actually did well afterwards keeping up with my meal prepping.  I did get myself into trouble because I allowed time constraints to interfere with my meal plan.  When I did it, I was losing 5-7 lbs a week for the first 30 days. I had a lot more energy and I slept better.  This was due to the fact my body was not taking in processed foods all the time. I wasn’t feeling bloated because of the dairy and nuts.  I wasn’t having crashes because I wasn’t taking in the processed sugar. I will tell you, if you are working out, the carb intake is limited, so understand that, but the results were great, and it’s easy to find recipes everywhere online.

After speaking with Coach Freeman and Coach Spence, I haven’t really decided which elimination plan I will adopt, but I’m leaning more towards whole30 (but I love dairy) so I might better try Keto. Decisions, decisions, decisions.





P.S. Don’t forget to hashtag #ontherunwithkrista when you hit the pavement, I’ll be looking for you. See you on the pavement.


My Journey to Healthy


Back in April before the Texas Big Star race, I redeveloped Achilles’ tendonitis during one of my morning runs. Actually, I really think I reinjured it after the run while doing a HILT workout with the girls during athletics. As a coach I have a motto that I never ask them to do anything that I can’t do or that I will at least attempt to do. This injury first occurred this past November before the Route 66 race in Oklahoma, which I must say is one of my favorite races. The strange thing about the injury is after I run for about 5 mins the pain ceases, but oh boy when I stop running I definitely feel the pain and I’m basically walking with a limp.

So what does a runner do when injury is present? Normally, continue to run (how crazy is that) but this time I decided to be responsible and not crazy. My first step was to reduce my Big Star race from the half to the 5k. After which I went into full recovery mode, first week NO Running, this was definitely a struggle. I spoke with the Athletic Trainer while working the area track meet and he basically said that I needed to stretch my calf which causing a pull on my Achilles, ice, rest and take something for the inflammation, which for me means turmeric because I’m more of a holistic person when it pertains to health and wellness.

First on the recovery list is to stretch, so off to yoga I go. I’ve been a member of Sunstone yoga for the past 8 years and I normally practice regularly but lately I have gotten away from my Sunday yoga routine. I head to a hot yoga class, and I can instantly feel a difference. Yoga not only allows me to stretch and strengthen my ankles and feet, but I’m also able to find balance while on the mat.

Over the past month I have made yoga a priority again with weekly classes that includes a hot flow class to challenge my strength and balance in a heated room; barre class which helps to define and elongate muscles and yoga core so that I can continue to develop strength and flexibility from my hips to my shoulders.


In addition to yoga I began to use my foam roller (which has been resting against the wall in my workout room collecting dust) and my worm (you remember this is the great tool that I found at the ZOOMA Austin race expo) to loosen my quads, hamstring, calves, feet and IT band. Foam rolling also helped me to release toxins and improve my circulation.


So after a week of no running, I begin the next week by only running on the treadmill and getting back in the gym for some strength training. Running on the treadmill can be really boring when you look out of the window and the weather is perfect for running, but I had to resist the actual pavement and complete my miles on the “dreadmill.” The benefit of running on the dreadmill during injury is the flat and forgiving surface.

Now it’s week 3 and I feel like I can hit the pavement at least twice a week. I call my morning running partner and off we go. Before the run I decided to try something I normally never do, a pre-run stretch. Although I did experience some pain during and after the run I can tell that I am on the road to recovery. After the run I stretched again and applied some ice to my achilles. I guess this is the new normal, pre and post stretching plus ice. Whatever it takes because not running is definitely not an option. On the days that I don’t run, I decided to go back to my spinning class which will help me with my endurance and continue to help me strengthen my achilles.

So, if you are injured don’t be that crazy runner so keeps running and never recovery. Listen to to your body and take some time to get healthy again. My journey to healthy is not over but I would have to say that I am working my way back.





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Running the Dallas Skyline

Sklyine Start.jpg

The Skyline 10K race was just as awesome as the Dallas skyline itself. Although the route was the same as last year it still provides novice runners and veteran runners with a few surprises. The course is really flat in comparison to other Dallas races (RnR Dallas) there are some small inclines, and 2 real hills. The first hill is around mile marker 3 and it lasts for approximately 1 mile. Unfortunately, the running space on the hill is narrow so that makes it a little challenging because there are walkers and runners. The last hill is around mile 5.50 and leads to the finish line. I have to be honest I walked the first hill (just because I didn't want to run it, and my headphones died, so I was also trying to figure that out.), I also walked some of the last hill not sure why I did that, because if I would have ran it, I could have possibly been one of the top 3 finishers in my age group (45-49) but no, I was 5th.

Skyline Officiers.jpg

Even as a runner your personality should shine through. Are you friendly or do you have runners rage (like my sister Christyn)? I am a friendly runner, on morning runs I speak to other runners or even just people on the street, so this carries over to race day. On race day I speak and thank the police officers and volunteers for their service. As I was running and speaking I began to think about how important it is for a race to have volunteers for the water stations, policeman to protect me from the oncoming traffic, because there is always a few drivers who are hating on the runners because their street or exit is being held up ( I say to them hey maybe you should be out here running) and the firefighters who provide medical attention for those runners who may encounter injury or dehydration. Have you ever really thought about how horrible the race would be without the services that these individuals provide, so for that I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all those who volunteer so that I can have a good race experience. Pictured above N. Tucker; L. Fisher and G. Der Toro (from left to right) 3 firefighters who volunteered.

Skyline Me.jpg

After all that running and you hear the crowd cheering and the announcer calling your name (which is a great personal touch for races) let's see what's waiting at the finish line? Skyline has an awesome medal that is an exact replica of the Dallas Skyline. In addition to the medal there is a party on the pavement with a full DJ and line dancing (let’s wobble baby).

So, If you are running your first half, 10K or 5K, or maybe just doing a training run, whatever your reason for running, this is the race for you. It’s not to big, it’s not too small, it’s just right for a Saturday morning run along the Dallas Skyline.





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Am I My Runners' Keeper?

Partners Running.jpg

During this running season I have seen a lot more runners dressing exactly alike and a lot more running partners. So this made me begin to think about the benefits to having a running partner(s). One of the many things that I like about being a runner is the alone time, the space to clear my head and remove myself from the distractions of life. But, I would have to say that there are some benefits to running with friends. As I begin to explore this running partner business, I asked different runners at different races why do you run together, and this is what I heard.

Zooma Partners.jpg

While running ZOOMA Austin, I meet Teoahnna and Marcialette who as you can see from the above picture had some awesome encouraging shirts based on the scripture Isaiah 40:31 “but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” I get so excited when I see encouraging phrases; scriptures, etc. before, during and even after a race. I learned from these ladies that they are in the same running group and they feed off of each other. One of the runners trains harder and the other runner has a better race time so they hold each other accountable during training and during the race.

Partners Training.jpg

This is a great dynamic and I understand this philosophy because I often train with my co-worker Christine who is half my age and more than half my weight, I refer to us as the Road Runner (Christine) and Wylie Coyote (Me) from Looney Tunes because each morning I find myself chasing her, and one day I’m going to catch her. The benefit from running with her is increased endurance and speed.

Partners Ginger.jpg

During RnR Dallas while in the corals I noticed Ginger and her bib said corral 1. Well, if you’re a runner then you know that only the elite runners are assigned to corral 1(so I would be road kill if I started in that corral), so why is Ginger in coral 6? Well she was pacing her brother Matthew who had decided to shoot for a PR. With Ginger’s help he achieved and exceeded his race exception. So the purpose of this running duo was to help the other reach his goal.

Partners San.jpg

It’s so awesome when you find someone who is willing to put their best aside and help someone else, which is kind of the point of a running partner. I have a running partner Christine (not the co-worker but another Christine from my Cedar Hill Run Club). Now, I refer to us as Thelma and Louise, because we are partners in crime. We pick challenging races to run together and we feed off of each other, my pace is good for the first 7 miles then Christine takes over during the last 6.10 miles to push me to the end. We generally run at arm's length during races so that we can communicate with each other. I’m still trying to reach a time of 2:15 and with her help during the race I will get there. (I think it’s time for us to sign in for a Full). This was one of my faviorte races' RnR San Franciso 2017, we loved it so much we signed up again for 2019, (maybe I'll see some of you on the pavement in San Franciso). It wouldn't be a RnR race without the celebratory beverage at the finish.

Partners LaRon.jpg

“Running with friends is priceless” is a familiar hashtag used by LaRon and Rita known as Lucy and Ethel on the pavement. These ladies train together and run side by side in all races. Due to their running they have built a strong friendship. They are in sync with each other’s time and needs on and off the pavement, if you see one in the race just look to the left or the right and you will see the other.

Partners Star.jpg

So, I would have to say that there are definitely some bonuses to having a good running partner and to answer the familiar question of “Am I my brother’s keeper” (on the pavement) if you have a running partner then your answer should be “Yes I Am!”





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Everything Is Bigger In Texas

Star Family.jpg

We are all familiar with the phase “Everything Is Bigger In Texas”, well this is the best way to describe the Texas Big Star Half Marathon & 5K. Although this race is only 3 years old it is very organized and a definite must for local runners, first timers and families.

Star Wellness.jpg

Packet pick up was held at different locations (fitness stores and fitness facilities), put they made up for it on race day because there were several booths that showcased different local races, State Farm Insurance, breast cancer awareness, a wellness booth (which offered free post race stretches, and let me tell you I needed their services), Craig's Ranch fitness (I received a great new aluminum water bottle and a free 30 day trial pass, “Yesss”), and some products for purchase.

Star Finisher.jpg

Now let’s hit the pavement for some miles after all it is race day. The race include two race options, a 5k (3.10 miles) or a half marathon (13.1 miles). I originally signed up for the half marathon but on the Wednesday prior to race day my recurring achilles tendonitis begin to bother me to the point that I was limping (OMG). If you are a running you can only imagine the devastation that I felt as I had to reduce my miles and only complete the 5K, but I’m so glad that I did because the experience was amazing. The 5k course was routed on the road for maybe a 1.5 miles then circled backed through the college parking lot. If this was your first 5k it added just enough inclines to push you to your limit.

Star P2M.jpg

Now I guess you’re wondering why I had such an awesome experience running the 5K. Well, it allowed me to witness all of the parents and children that were running together. The parents were coaching the children towards their goal and the the children were giving it their all. Also, the P2M teams, which assist those disabled runners who require a push of love. When I run longer distances the energy and excitement that you see in the new runners begin to fade away, so this was a breath of fresh air which made me remember that every run has a purpose and each mile has a meaning.

Star Pacers 2.jpg

Although, I didn’t run the half marathon my running crew Triple Threat did, and they were really impressed with the route. The route was flat with some added hills but not enough to make you think about why you signed up. You know those races that have rolling hills, or mountains and doing the run you say to yourself, “why did I sign up for this?” The half marathon course also offered pacers that ranges from 1:30 - 3:00 hours, the added bonus to the pacers were the interval pacers(2:55). If you train using intervals it's refreshing to have that extra push from someone who is running intervals instead of the traditional pacers. (High Five Big Star this is a great touch)

Star Father.jpg

The race is over, I received my medal which was a great design with the Texas Star, and if you completed the half marathon the star in the middle of the medal spins. I look around for the normal after race beer but I didn’t find any. What I found was FOOD, everyone knows after any distance food is a positive. There was fruit, water, and protein bars at the finish line. But wait there’s more, hotcakes were offered by the Frisco Rotary Club , and an additional sponsor provide hot wings, sliders, sub sandwiches and pastry balls. That sealed the deal, I will definitely do this race again.

Star Me.jpg

So, If you’re starting a couch to 5k program in January, maybe you’re pushing the kids to run a race, or if you’re just looking for a good race to run add the Texas Big Star Half Marathon & 5K to your 2019 run calendar I promise you will not be disappointed.



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One Size Does Not Fit All

One Size Running Shoes.jpg

There are somethings in life that carries the description of “one size fits all” this is definitely not the case for runners. During lunch a couple of weeks ago I was having a conversation with a couple of co-workers (teachers), who also happen to be coaches. So this is how the conversation goes. Coach - I get so tired of all the morning runners, which causes all the drivers to be more cautious not to hit them. I see the same runners each day and I really don’t even know why they continue to run because it doesn’t appear to be helping them, they are still overweight. Me - (with attitude) well first of all, it is helping because they are moving! Which means they are at least being heart healthy, and just because they don’t fit the image that you have in your mind of a runner doesn’t mean that they should quit running, and exactly how do you know if they have lost weight or not. Of course the conversation went on further but it was his initial statement of “ I really don’t even know why they continue to run because it doesn’t appear to be help them, they are still overweight,” that caused me to think. Why has society placed an image on every sector of life?

One Size Winner.jpg

I agree that when we see the Olympic runners, the elite runners, and the hometown marathon winners, they usually have a slim frame. This is because endurance sports tend to favor a body type that consist of low body weight and lean body composition.

One Size Me.jpg

But just because my frame isn’t slim, (I consider myself to be “fat fit”, because I have a larger frame, and an unwanted midsection) does that mean that I am less of a runner? To answer my own question NO! I am a runner because I have declared that I am, lately I run most days, I’ve trained for races, and I have finished all of my races vertical and smiling. But that still doesn’t stop the body image that society has placed on runners. To be honest that doesn’t exclude me because there has been several races I have ran and seen what I consider to be an overweight runner and I too have had some negative thoughts. The main thought is, now I know I’m not going to let him or her beat me, since I’m looking at them from behind, but I must confess that sometimes they do.

Body image is simply the way one sees him or herself in the mirror, and maybe when you look in the mirror you see some areas that need improvement, ( like my midsection (abs) as I have previously stated) but that doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel. It just simply means you need to continue to work on your body composition which is the ratio of body fat to lean muscle. And, let me just say body fat is hard to lose.

One Size Two Women.jpg

As a runner why is weight even important, as long as you can keep your desired pace then why should it matter. Honestly, weight does play a factor in a runners efficiency and endurance, which means it basically affects a runners finish time, but not every runner is running against the race clock. But if you are setting new goals and would like to hit your “race weight”, then I would encourage you to invest in Race Weight by Matt Fitzgerald.

One Size Runner Tieing shoe.jpg

So, as a runner, walker, or a person who just exercise regularly, if you see your reflection in the mirror and you are pleased, then that should be enough. Don’t let society put you in the category of “one size fits all”. Just remember what Dr. Seuss said "Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you."





P.S. Don’t forget to hashtag #ontherunwithkrista when you hit the pavement, I’ll be looking for you. See you on the pavement.


Rock Your Run

RnR Rock.jpg

The slogan for Rock ‘n’ Roll Dallas this year was “Rock Your Run” and me and my crew known as Triple Threat set out to do just that. There is no better run than one that is hosted in your hometown. Although it’s very exciting to travel to different places to run it’s always a party on the pavement at home because you see a lot of familiar faces and it’s also a time to catch up and see what’s going on around town in the running community.

For the past several years R’n’R Dallas has offered a total run weekend called The Remix which includes a 5k (3.10 miles) on Saturday and the half marathon (13.1 miles) on Sunday. The 5K is held at the Fair Park grounds in the southern sector of Dallas. This is where it all begins, you enter the grounds and see running partners, running clubs, running couples, and running crews all in a hudle and some even dressed exactly alike (which is the normal for my crew) or color coordinated. You might even find some staple R’n’R runners like the barefoot Elvis, who literally dresses like Elvis and runs barefoot. After the race is over you can enjoy your complimentary Ultra Michelob Beer to help you hydrate (at least I consider this a form of hydration) for Sunday’s race.

It’s race day and I’m about to conquer 13.1 miles because I’m only half crazy, ( actually I’ve been full (26.2) crazy and even Dopey (48.6) crazy), but today I’ll settle for 13.1 miles. The race starts in downtown Dallas just adjacent of the Omni Hotel. This year I was impressed to see all of the running partners. If you’re not a runner you may not know the advantages of a good running partner. Keep a close eye on my instagram @ontherunwithkrista, and blog as I explore this idea of running partners. But for now let’s get back on the pavement for the R’n’R Dallas.

The course runs first through Deep Ellum and downtown Dallas before we run on the overpass to reach the Trinity Groves area, which brings us to about mile 7. Now you might have thought running on a freeway overpass was the challenge of the race but you would be WRONG. At mile 7 or 8, I’m not really sure because I’m delirious by the time I reach this point, but It’s at this point you begin to climb the monster hill of the course. This hill seems to go up and up and up, for about a mile. The cool thing this year on the hill was the cowbell crew that was encouraging the runners while climbing the hill. This course has been in place for the last 3 years and I would just like to say that I have yet to be successful at running up this hill completely.

RnR Laron.jpg

Once you leave the hill you run through the Bishop Arts District which is full of great little fun eateries and shops. I love this course for the variety of Dallas that it offers, and I must confess that after running this course each year my crew and I always run pass a spot that we want to patronize, this year the winner was Pier 247 because my girl LaRon loves crawfish. It was so important that we remembered where to find the live crawfish that she stepped off the pavement to take a photo, and yes we went to Pier 247 following the race.

 image run rock roll

image run rock roll

Now with all of the great things that Rock’n’Roll offered from the Remix weekend (3 medals), the beautiful courses, the awesome bands and the amazing crowd support, I would have to say that I was disappointed in the Expo. The expo was lacking in the variety of vendors that are normally present. I use the expo to find about new products, and to purchase my usually products such as fuel, headbands, visors, socks, basically all things geared for running the upcoming races. Although, they offered a wide variety of Brooks products, and Rock’n’Roll gear, I still would like to see more of the other vendors.

So, if you live in the DFW area or you’re just looking for a great spot for a runcation, you should definitely put Rock ‘n’ Roll Dallas on your run calendar for 2019. I hope to see you next year ready to “Rock Your Race”





P.S. Don’t forget to hashtag #ontherunwithkrista when you hit the pavement, I’ll be looking for you. See you on the pavement.







It's Time to Push the "Reset" Button

Reset Apple Watch.jpg

Although we plan our New Year’s resolution at the end of December with the hopes of starting on January 1st, it seems that we don’t actually push the reset button until the end of January, mid February, and sometimes even early March just in time for a little Spring Cleaning. So, since I started in early March, am just going to say it's Spring Cleaning time. To start this process I need to reset some of my priorities.

As I, begin to think about pushing the “reset” button my mind focuses on my nutrition and running goals.

Reset Cookies.jpg

Nutrition:  Cookies vs. Fruit

Let’s start with nutrition. For those of you who follow me on instagram @ontherunwithkrista, you may notice that I occasionally use the hashtag #poweredbyveggies this is because I am a pecesaterian (not a presbyterian, that’s the joke that’s always made) meaning that I don’t eat any land animals, I only eat out of the water with the exception of frog and alligator because I’m not sure if its a water or land animal. To answer the question in your mind no I don’t eat chicken. Now it’s challenging enough to be a pecesaterian but I’m always trying the get my abs to be ripped so I also eat according to my blood type which is O positive, and this further restricts my diet. I’m still waiting on those washboard abs by the way. So why do I need to press the reset button? Because I have been overloading on sweets and chips, and not consuming my normal morning smoothies. I think I will join the annual 30 day green smoothie challenge hosted by FitXBrit that begins April 1st, this would be a great way to get back on track.

Reset fruit.jpg

So, I did a little research on this sugar issue and found out that eating sweets causes you to be hungrier. Now What? So, not only does it cause me to gain weight, it also causes me to want to eat more and mostly likely I’ll eat more sweets. Why? Overloading on sugar puts your hungry hormone (satiety) into high gear, so it doesn’t properly trigger the brain that you are full. So how can I push the “reset” button. I’m going to do a 3 day detox from added sugar, so when I crave a sweet (which seems to be after every meal), instead of eating a cookie or munching on some chips, I’ll eat a piece of fruit.

Reset Nike.jpg

Running: "Don't Just Run Your Mouth"


There is a quote that says “ Even A Bad Run Is Better Than No Run At All “, I’ve found that my weekly miles lately have been really low and my pace has decreased. That’s not normal for me but I realize that I have not been getting up to run with my running group because of the cool temperatures. Although I’ve been running of my treadmill it doesn’t compare in my opinion to hitting the pavement.

So what happened? I thought that I could run on the treadmill, incorporate spin class and I would be fine, but I’ve found for me this only helps me to maintain but not get “better.” Setting goals is the KEY. Over the past month I’ve ran a 15K (Allstate Hot Chocolate 15K/5k), a 5K (Dash for the Beads), a 10K (Trinity Levee Run) and a half (Rock‘n’Roll Dallas), my time for these races have provided me with a starting point which I will use to track my progress by the end of June.

Reset Running Up.jpg

How am I going to press the “reset” button? It’s simply “RUN”, but with the use of the Nike running training program because I must have a set plan to be effective, and with the help of my running group and running partner. Running groups are so important because it provides accountability, and new friendships which is always a plus. There is no better feeling than on race day when you see a familiar face in the crowd before, during and after the race. But let’s not neglect the importance of a running partner, over the last months my running partner had a new job schedule which eliminated our standard 4:30a.m. or 5:00a.m. morning miles. ( I like to run before my house wakes up that’s the only time it seems to be all about me.) Now she is back and the running has begun, was it hard for me to get up that early again, since I’ve been sleeping to 6am lately before running, the answer is YES but was it and is it worth it? “YES” The reset button has officially been pressed.

So, let me ask you a simple question, what are the things that you need to press the reset button on, to start your Spring Cleaning? How will you approach the situation and what checkpoints will you establish to ensure that you actually do what you have set out to accomplish?

Sometimes you just need give yourself permission, and let yourself “Reset”



P.S. Don’t forget to hashtag #ontherunwithkrista when you hit the pavement, I’ll be looking for you. See you on the pavement.


Women Empowering Women: ZOOMA Austin

ZOOMA mom and lady.jpg

OMG, runners/walkers and anyone who enjoys forward movement let me tell you about an awesome women's empowerment run: ZOOMA Austin!

The ZOOMA advertisement challenged you to imagine a powerful sea of women on the move, well let me say you cannot imagine the powerful energy in the atmosphere at this event. ZOOMA Austin was more than a race it was a women’s empowerment weekend. When you drove on the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort & Spa property and connected with the race community it was as if you left all the negativity and stress of life at the gate and entered a lively, energetic, encouraging and stress free environment. I’m here now so where do I start?

 Image via  The Original Worm

It’s packet pick up time! The expo was a small but impactful setting. All of the vendors were women and a select few were the originators of their product. As I moved through the expo I discovered a new gadget that caught my eye, a portable roller called the original Worm, which is a combination of therapeutic balls and a foam roller. This product was invented by Karen Atkins who was actually at the expo demonstrating her product. Now playing with worms outside of fishing is not my thing but this “worm” saved my life or should I say my calves because after running 20 flights of stairs on Wednesday I was hobbling around wondering how I would make it through the race the next day. So now all I can say is “This is the way I roll.”

NUUN was also featured at the expo, which made my day because I didn't pack any fuel. NUUN offers a great hydration and vitamin product, I have grown to really enjoy this product so much so that I add the vitamin tablets to my water or tea (yes you can use it in hot water) daily. The other plus to NUUN is the price, I purchased 3 tubes for $15 which came packaged in a handy water bottle (can you say “winning”), because as you know runners are always looking for something to carry water in on those long training runs.

ZOOMA Pasta.jpeg

The expo also featured a pasta buffet. Although it was an additional fee outside of your registration it was definitely well worth it. The worst thing for runners when attending an out of town event is figuring out where to “carb up” the night before the race. Problem solved! Remember when I said you left the stress at the front gate of the resort this would be considered one of those stress relievers.

Let’s not forget the “SWAG”, I would have to say this has been the best swag bag I have received. It included a dry fit shirt (fitted designed to show off those curves), a pair of feetures running socks (never received socks before) and a running cap with the race logo on the bib and the word “Run” across the front, all of this was found in a bright blue and yellow tote with the race logo down the side. Then to top it all off free raffle giveaways every 30 minutes. You could win a prize, and you could win a prize! (in my Oprah Winfrey give away voice)

ZOOMA awards.jpg

Ready, set,’s race day! Runners are up full of energy and greeting each other with energetic tones and smiles. There were running crews, friends, sisters, husbands’ and wives’ (they let a few men experience the magic) and mothers’ and daughters’ all running together. I was blessed and happy to have my 67 year old mother at the race and she placed 2nd in the 5k for her age category.

The course was beautiful but challenging. The 5k runners ran primarily through the golf courses. The 10k course consisted of rolling hills (disrespectful hills, the kind that make you wonder “why”) for the first 3.5 miles then we headed to the golf course for the remaining miles and the half marathon runners had the pleasure of running the 10k loop twice. If I had to point out a negative then running a loop twice would be it for me. On the other hand some people would find the hills a negative but I like hills not that I’m a beast on hills but it keeps things interesting during the race.

On the first 3.5 miles of the race there was very little crowd support due to the area. The country scenery was beautiful and that made up for the lack of crowd support. Also, the other runners were very motivating and encouraging. As you pulled another hill someone might run up beside you and say things like “you got this,” “great job,” or “keep pushing” (wait a minute that’s normally me saying that, now I know from hearing these statements from others that it really does work).

ZOOMA Sign.jpg

While running through the golf course there were plenty of encouraging signs which made the run easier. I just love the signs, one of my favorite was “ When you hear PR you don’t think of “Public Relations,” I don’t know about you but I love to look at my results at the end of a race and see that I have just PR’ed. Crowd support at the finish line was amazing other runners cheered you in and the announcer called your name for the crowd and you to hear.

Now you might be saying I would love to see my family on the sideline encouraging me along the course, well ZOOMA heard your thoughts and signed up with Motigo, a great app which allows your friends, family and supporters to pre-record cheers for you along the course. I love this app and I use it whenever it’s available, when I hear the cheers in my ear sometimes it brings me laughter or tears of joy but it always encourages me to keep going. If you have never tried this app, I encourage you to try it on your next race if it’s available.

ZOOMA lonestar.jpg

I’ve crossed the finish line, received my awesome medal but the party has just begun. ZOOMA provides an awesome after party which included mimosas (not beer) sponsored by Barefoot Wine, complimentary full body massages, and recover yoga. Didn’t get that one item from the expo you dreamed about all night don’t worry the vendors are available in the gazebo. All I need now is a little bite to eat before I get out of my running clothes, say no more you can enjoy a complimentary breakfast taco (vegetarian options available, yes they thought of me) and fruit. Need a little more than that? A pancake buffet was available for an additional cost.

ZOOMA Austin, run and done ✔️. This was an experience I will never forget! There is a quote that says it all about this race, “The power of women gathering is immeasurable.” So, mark your race calendar, call your running crew and plan for the runcation/girls trip of a lifetime and join me next year at ZOOMA Austin!



P.S. Don’t forget to hashtag #ontherunwithkrista when you hit the pavement, I’ll be looking for you. See you on the pavement. Next Stop Texas Big Star


Will Run For Chocolate: Dallas Hot Chocolate 5K


For the past 3 years my family and I have endured the cold weather and challenging routes all for a cup of hot chocolate at the Allstate Hot Chocolate 15k/5k.

It all starts at the expo for packet pick up, you’re greeted at the door by volunteers who quickly places several chocolate squares in your hand. As you move through the expo there are more volunteers waiting to take your picture with the chocolate inflatables. Which is a plus because outside of a good selfie, expo photos with your race bib and swag is a must. Volunteers are very important at the expo and on race day. On race day the volunteers are those who stand with a smile and encouraging words to hand you water, and electrolytes (Nuun) alone the race course. They also pull you in at the finish line and place that well deserved metal around your neck. During my 3 years of participation I have had the privilege of having current and former students assist me at the expo with packet up, but this year was extra special because my niece Kyndell was a volunteer at the finish line so she cheered me in and placed my metal around my neck.

There is a selected group of vendors at the expo which range from race fuel (Nuun) to race belts, visors, caps, jackets and of course Hot Chocolate paraphernalia. Nuun is the official hydrate for this race. When I first tried Nuun about a year ago, I was not impressed with it at all, now, I’m on the Nunn bandwagon. Nuun has a great new line of vitamin tablets which comes in several flavors including Ginger Lemonade which happens to be one of my favorites because it’s great as hot tea. Not only does it provide me with energy it seems to also help my digestive system (added bonus). An additional plus about Nuun is how it is packaged, it comes in a tablet form which makes it very easy to snap in half and drop into your water bottle, because who has time to make sure that you accurately pour loose powder.

So, let’s talk about the swag. On a scale of 1-10, It’s definitely a 10. Instead of a dry fit T-shirt, this race offers a fleece pull over jacket, which is perfect for the cool weather on race day. The race day metal is an unique chocolate candy bar design. This year there was an added bonus of a legacy metal for all runners who had participated in the race 3 or 5 consecutive years, with an additional legacy bib. “The more the better” is my philosophy where bling is concerned. There is one twist with the bling for the Allstate Hot Chocolate you must run the 15K to receive a medal.

To quote the words of Forrest Gump “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” This race was definitely a box of chocolates. The course included flat surfaces, inclines and hills. But knowing that a cup of hot chocolate, along with a bowl of chocolate, marshmallows and banana were waiting at the finish line made it all worth it.  See you next year, for more “CHOCOLATE”



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Plan Ahead for Successful Destination Racing


Destination racing can be a lot of fun, yet a little nerve racking. Travel, dining out, and elements of being out of routine can spark a number of questions. Am I eating enough? Am I eating too much? What kind of food will be available at the hotel? Will there be a 2-hour wait at the restaurant? What if get sick during the race from a bad meal?

Key plan-ahead concepts can boost performance and your race-day mental game:   


 Photo by  Domenico Loia  

Photo by Domenico Loia 

Pack a water bottle to allow ample opportunity to fill and refill with fluids in aiming for light colored urine as a sign of proper hydration leading up to the race start. Adding electrolyte-only packets or tablets offers flavor for a water-fatigued pallet and supports hydration retention. A nervous runner who struggles to meet carbohydrate goals through whole foods may want to consider drinking beverages with carbohydrates and electrolytes. Drinkable carbohydrates can support meeting pre-race carbohydrate goals when the desire to eat is lacking. Tomato juice, coconut water, and diluted juice with a pinch of salt are natural hydration alternatives to commercial sports products to support healthy hydration.

Carbohydrate-Rich Snacks

 Photo by  Monika Grabkowska  

Pack a supply of the everyday easy-to-digest carbohydrate-rich snacks that you would typically consume throughout training. Familiar foods such as fresh fruit, low fat granola, hot or cold cereal, brown rice cakes or crackers, and whole grain bagels are options that travel well and stock the body with energizing carbohydrates to fuel successful endurance racing.

Pre-Race Meals

 Photo by  Jannis Brandt  

Photo by Jannis Brandt 

Research dining options located around your hotel in effort to find a restaurant that serves a comparable meal to one of your favorite pre-long run meals consumed often throughout training. Once you find a location, try to make a reservation to minimize the risk of a 2-hour wait time in a city full of hungry, race-minded runners. This is not the meal to be adventurous. Eat enough of a familiar meal to feel satisfied and well fueled, but not excessively full and over-stuffed.

Always pack a pre-race breakfast option. Even if the hotel serves an ideal pre-race breakfast, unforeseen circumstances such as a faulty alarm clock can wreck a good plan. Pack your typical breakfast or a safe backup in the event plan “A” falls through. Packets of oatmeal, a banana, and even a quick purchase of hard-boiled eggs are examples of pre-race fuel that can be kept in the hotel room for pre-race fueling.

The expo may not have your favorite race fuel brand and now really isn’t the time to try something new. Be prepared by packing your favorite fuel for during the race.


 Photo by  Dimaz Fakhruddin  

Photo by Dimaz Fakhruddin 

The excitement of a successful race finish can easily outshine the importance of recovery fuel soon after the race. Chatting with friends and family, the walk back to the hotel, and showering pushes a good celebratory meal out of the well-timed ideal recovery window. A recovery snack should be consumed soon after the race. The snack should contain about 10-25 grams of protein and roughly half of your body weight in grams of carbohydrate.

Post-race drinkable options such as the popular chocolate milk will promote rehydration, recovery, and is often quite palatable when appetite is low. Sufficient protein sources may not be available as part of the post-race fuel. When in doubt, pack your favorite recovery beverage such as tart cherry juice shaken with a scoop of pure whey protein powder. Have a stash of Greek yogurt and fresh fruit ready in the hotel refrigerator upon return to your room. A good recovery plan will aid the immune system, reduce muscle soreness, and support a quick return to great training.

By: Jackie Dikos, RD, CSSD, CLT Author of Finish Line Fueling: An Essential Guide to Runner’s Nutrition

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No More SADness


Dopey is over, and that accomplishment has now been checked off of my bucket list. So, what’s next? Of course I had to take some time to recover which lasted all of 48 hours before I was back on the treadmill, and having visions of hitting the gym and yoga studio, when all my friends, family, and running partners are saying “Girl, sit down somewhere and rest.” Why can’t I just rest? This is a question that I begin to ask myself. The answer is that for me running is not just about the swag and the “bling” (which is definitely important) but it is also a mindfulness strategy for me to handle daily stress, anxiety and fight off the onset of depression or what society considers to be the “winter blues,” while also keeping me sane enough to interact daily with my 200+ high school students. So, being sedentary is not an option.

Have you ever noticed that people who exercise appear to be really energetic and happy? So much so that if you’re not an overly energetic person it gets on your nerves? Why are we so happy and bouncing off the walls after running mile after mile after mile, you might ask. It’s the “Runner's High,” that happy feeling that runners have due to the release of endorphins.

Now, this is my testimony, but I know that there are others that don’t have the desire to move when the weather is cool, cold, rainy, or just dreary outside, causing you to feel tired, sluggish, lethargic, stressed or maybe even depressed. Don’t think that you are just out of shape, not really into exercising, or maybe even lazy. You could just be experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD is defined as depression associated with late autumn and winter and thought to be caused by a lack of light. SAD is not a death sentence you just need to get up and moving. Of course for me, running is the ticket, but cycling and strength training are a great option as well.

So what’s next on my running calendar? The Texas Big Star Half Marathon, in Frisco, Texas. This means it's time for a new training schedule, new goals, and new accomplishments. To assist me with my training, I am going to use the new and improved NIKE run club 13.1 training program.


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P.S. Let me know what races you are doing using the hashtag #ontherunwithkrista I’ll be looking for you. See you on the pavement.

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