'Sweat It Out' with Hollystics

Let me just say that I’m completely excited to be ending 2015 with this next feature in our “Sweat It Out” series!  We’re taking a trip to the land down under to introduce you all to @Hollystics! Holly Clark is a  certified Health Coach, Gerrycan Activewear ambassador and H.C.I.C (Head Chick In Charge) at  www.hollystics.com. As an holistic nutrition enthusiast, it was such a breath of fresh air to come across Holly’s social media accounts which had me pretty intrigued about all things “Hollystics”.  Upon further investigation I learned that the premise of her brand is based on creating a pathway to a healthy body, a happy mind, and your true potential. Who doesn’t want that?! So, instead of keeping all of her awesomeness to myself I decided to share her (yea...I’m totally possessive) with you guys.  Without further ado, let me officially introduce you guys to Holly and most importantly, let’s get acquainted with that playlist shall we?!

1. Name:

Holly Natasja Clark

2. Age:


3. Hometown:

Sydney, Australia

4. What is your favorite way to sweat?

Crossfit, Running, Yoga

5. How long have you been dedicated to living a #HEALTHYLIVINGLIFESTYLE?

As long as I can remember ;) I come from a professional sporting family, it was in my blood from day dot.

6. What is your absolute favorite workout gear brand and why?

I am a super proud Gerrycan Activewear Ambassador! A beautiful Australian ultra-cool Vintage inspired activewear brand by a gorgeous mother/daughter team.

7. What is your absolute favorite workout shoe and why?

Reebok Crossfit Nanos - great for my beloved Crossfit training and a great minimal running shoe! Super cute as well ;)

8. What motivates you to keep going on days that you don’t want to workout and or eat right?

Knowing I will feel worse if I dont eat right and move my body. When you show up consistently w/ nutrition and moving your body, magic shows up. You feel better, you look great, your skin is brighter, you smell beautiful, you feel clean and you are ready in life for a way that you arent otherwise. Feeling vital and ready is key and that is what nourishing yourself well and working out does for your body. I always say, great health is the vehicle to the life of your dreams.. its just the beginning if you choose but it is 100% the foundation. I dont want to miss out on what is possible or even a single minute of my life.  

9. How did you come up with your playlist name?


I just love the idea of working for it, moving your body, and getting out there and manifesting your dream life ;)

10. What songs are you rocking out to?

A cover of Faded that I did with Music Producer Divy Pota and oh my goodness all things Justin Bieber at the moment yes... my guilty pleasure!

Spotify Playlist: WORK. MOVE. GENERATE.


11. What are your social media handles?

Instagram + Facebook

For those of you interested in more Holly, this fab Aussie will be kickstarting a 16-week challenge  that may be of interest to some of you guys! I am definitely looking forward to checking it out!  Connect with her at www.hollystics.com

Until next time…

XOXO~ Brit