Accountability Matters

With every goal I have ever set for myself whether getting serious about fitness, my spiritual journey, or even being a good steward of my money, I’ve found that  ACCOUNTABILITY has been key. We all need someone or something to give us that extra push and to create a sense of focus when your mind may be telling you to quit and give up. There is no reason why you should lose focus when you have greater goals! To help you along, I’ve created a few tips to help keep you on track.



  • Swarm or Facebook Check-Ins: I know, I know. We are definitely a ‘show-and-tell’ generation and sometimes people tend to overshare information. As annoying as it is, “checking in” really has been a big tool in keeping me focused - primarily when hitting the gym and working out in general. Getting that message from a Facebook friend inquiring as to why you haven’t been to the gym or the positive commentary you get from a post, are definitely motivational tools that just may keep you on track.


  • Getting a partner: Whether it is a workout partner, prayer partner or just an accountability partner, doing things with others helps to keep you focused.There is nothing like getting a phone call or text from a friend that is holding you to the goals you have set for yourself. We often can talk ourselves out of being accountable for our own actions, but keeping a circle of “truth tellers”, I believe, separates the dubs from the L’s.


  • Daily Post-It Goal Sheet: I can’t remember if this was a suggestion from my accountability partner, or if I brought this one to the table, either way THIS is an amazing tool for keeping yourself on track. Sometimes you just have to go old school and get back to the paper and pen approach. Get a small post-it every day when you wake up and write down only enough goals that will fit on that post-it. I personally try to do no more than 5. The reason why this works is it’s easy to get thrown off track when you feel overwhelmed. It’ also easy to feel as if you are not making strides with whatever goals you have set. By keeping a short list, you are setting realistic expectations for yourself and creating attainable goals!


I genuinely feel that anything is possible when you have a positive mindset and a plan! Use some of these tools to keep focused and keep reaching for your goals, whatever they may be.

What are some ways you keep yourself accountable? 

TIDBITSBrittany Giles