No Meat March...le struggle...or nah?!

I am always looking to try new things in an effort to determine what is best for my body and what it responds positively or negatively to. So, this month I have decided to say goodbye to meat for the next 30 days just to see if I can handle it and if it helps to improve my mind, body and soul.

I am one week in and so far things are really looking good! I am learning a lot about vegetarians and the issues that may come along with making this a long term part of my daily practice.  I am not committing to this lifestyle change AT ALL - just thinking long term.  After a  week of this new practice, I have a couple of takeaways that I really think will help me during the rest of the month.

Meat is really heavy.

I have genuinely felt lighter this week and when I finish eating my meals, I feel satisfied versus the full feeling that I normally get after meat-filled options.

Natural Energizer.

I have had so much energy this week and have also been in a better mood (according to my students). It is a known fact that when you are following a good nutrition plan you will have more usable energy. Too much fat in your bloodstream will prevent your arteries from opening properly which limits the oxygen making it’s way to your muscles. It may be in my head, but whatever it is I won’t complain.  I definitely want more of it in week two.

Beyond Meat.

I am a fan of Beyond Meat crumbles so I leaned on my experiences with the brand and ventured to try  Trader Joe’s grilled chicken-less strips. No bueno. I am willing to try another brand of “chicken-less” chicken but that was NOT for me! Nope. I am just going to have to include more vegetables, whole grains, and complex carbohydrates because as of now I stand firm in saying “chicken-less” chicken is not for me!

I know somebody out there can help me!  Any tips or recipes you have that you know will win me over? I need your feedback ASAP!