Radiant Skin 101 - Strategies for Maintaining Youthful Glow


Wherever you look, there’s another miracle product, and we keep hoping that this one will finally do the work of at least ten other we’ve diligently used for the past several years. But it’s never that simple – we expose our skin to all forms of irritation every day, from water, air and soil pollution to sun’s harmful radiation, making it’s natural regenerating processes an even more challenging endeavor. But all is not lost, ladies, as you truly can apply several essential strategies that have stood the test of time and that can minimize and delay signs of ageing. Let’s tackle them right away and see how you can incorporate them into your life to safeguard your radiant complexion!

Youthful with Yoga

Youthful with yoga.jpg

Just like this ancient practice has many incredible benefits for your entire body and your soul, there are several useful exercises that are designed to help your skin regenerate better, improve your micro-circulation and keep your facial muscles toned and elastic – all for the purpose of smooth, healthy skin.

Instead of Botox, surgical lifts and other invasive alternatives, facial yoga exercises give you a natural solution to various issues. From saggy lids, under-chin issues, crow’s feet and smile wrinkles, these simple but effective movements can help you restore natural tightness.

Natural Scrubs


Perhaps the store-bought products have an alluring fragrance, but you’ll be surprised to find the all-natural, home-made solutions to be even more effective, and more skin-friendly. We all know that exfoliation is the only way to cleanse out your pores, but without it, you also cannot expect your anti-aging creams, serums and other strategies to work, if your skin cannot absorb them properly.

So, before you take out your arsenal of anti-wrinkle lotions, take the time to purify your pores with a mixture of fine sugar and honey, but other options include oatmeal, coffee and salt as well. Find the one that best suits your skin type and stay consistent every week to see best results and improve your skin’s ability to use those nutrients you’ve been slathering generously every day.

Rejuvenate with Moisturizers

Rejuvenate with moisturizers.jpg

If your pores are ready and buildup-free, then you can finally take out your favorite moisturizer that will give your skin all the nourishment you need to prevent early signs of ageing and reduce existing fine lines and wrinkles.

This is where science steps in to save the day – high-quality cosmeceutical skin care is the marriage between medical research and best practices from dermatology. It brings us moisturizers made of the finest, medically-approved ingredients that aim to fend off signs of ageing. Think: vitamin E, vitamin C, and other potent antioxidants, skin-nourishing oils, and gentle acids all working towards giving you a stronger, smoother complexion.

Massage the Wrinkles Away

Massage the wrinkles away.jpg

Think of it as another beautifying practice borrowed from yoga, and you can combine it with the aforementioned exercises that aim to give you a lift instead of surgery. Using various essential oils with healing properties and practicing specific hand motions to boost your skin’s micro-circulation and collagen production, you can rejuvenate with the help of a soothing self-massage.

Learn how to stroke your face around your eyes to reduce puffiness and eyebags, move your fingers over your forehead to reduce wrinkles, and tone your cheekbones as well. All of these movements combined with the richness of facial oils will do wonders for your skin health and youthful radiance.

Switch Processed with Wholesome

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All of the above techniques will do you no good if you still base your diet and lifestyle on highly processed and junk food, without paying attention to proper water intake and exercise. In fact, a healthy lifestyle is the only true fountain of youth, and when you switch to a whole-food diet, ample hydration and physical activity, your skin will naturally start to improve in health and beauty.

Every imperfection and blemish you try to battle only on the outside can only be reduced temporarily, but with the right lifestyle changes, you can be well in your forties and beyond, with supple, smooth skin free of irritations. Do your beauty a favor and lead a wholesome life, and your skin will become a reflection of your healthy choices!

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