Feed Your Soul


It is easy to come up with a meal plan or cut out foods from our diet in order to conquer our goals as it relates to our physical health but what about your mental health? What steps are you taking to feed your soul? I know, I know, everyone under the sun has been preaching self-care and self-love over the last couple of years and while massages and dating yourself are great tools to achieve the sensation that comes with unplugging for a while but then what?!


I am a huge advocate of meditation, and so many people that I interact with on a daily basis swear by it. But, I have also heard so many people state that their minds just won’t allow them to get into it. I definitely identify with the later because at first I was having a difficult time really disconnecting. I mean I can sit in silence but there would be so many things going on in my head. I could literally plan my shopping list, decide what I was wearing for the week, and talk myself out of a great day all while participating in something that I was told was supposed to be bringing me “inner peace”. But then I realized one major thing...there is no wrong way to meditate and just like I approach my physical health it was going to be vital that I come up with a system that works well for me.

You see, on some days I sit in my meditation corner on my “special rug” and I genuinely reach my “zen”, my happy place, a moment where everything in my life is great because I am able to reflect and be transparent with myself. But some days, I have that same moment taking a walk, being surrounded by nature, or even driving in my car (sounds dangerous but it has genuinely happened). I personally feel like people give up to quickly or decide that if their meditation practice doesn’t mirror that of their favorite instagram yogi then they are not doing it right. But guys we have got to stop being so hard on ourselves, let things happen when they are supposed to and just be patient and enjoy the process.

I am linking some of my favorite meditation apps that are great for beginners and those of us who just prefer to be guided through the process.

Part of being able to relish in the moment for me is looking the part. I don’t know about you but I feel a certain way when I look my best and being able to do that in comfy athleisure is the cherry on top. I am in love with my Activewear Women's Output Tech Fleece Tapered Pants and Hoodie from Skins and it is actually on sale right now too!

What are some ways that you go about feeding your soul so that you can function in this thing we call life?