4 Budget Beauty Hacks That Will FREE Your Mind

As a growing list of companies show their true colors (hey Dove and Shea Moisture!) in the beauty essentials department, we’ve been more inclined to put our money elsewhere and try out some do-it-yourself recipes from some of our favorite sites.

When you make the decision to make your own products, not only are you creating a scenario where you do not have to rely on a manufacturer but, most importantly, you have control over the ingredients. You know exactly what goes into your products and what effect it will have on your body. This control is especially important for those with allergies and sensitivities as well as those that are just on a journey to be more aware of the things that they are putting into (and onto) their bodies. You want to know the best part?! It is not at all as time consuming as one would think! Literally, I knocked out a DIY scrub, deodorant, and facemax in less than an hour and after comparing the prices I saved myself about $35 in the process. As Chan is always saying, “there is absolutely nothing wrong with being fine and frugal!”

So, do you guys want in on a couple of our favorite do-it-yourself beauty care recipes?

Mask-Off…Or On?

Image SELF Magazine

Image SELF Magazine

As temperatures are dropping it is really important to make sure that you are hydrating by upping your water intake. Not only does it quench your thirst, but it also satisfies your skin as well. We absolutely love a good avocado hydrating mask, and with three simple ingredients that you probably have in your home already, there is nothing stopping you from giving it a try

Bombs Over Bath Time

Image A Beautiful Mess

Image A Beautiful Mess

There are few things that we splurge on these days. Even the Queen of Sneaks Chan will rarely pay full price for a nice pair of kicks and, as a single mom, I am all about deals and finding any way possible to cut cost. But, let me be honest and say I am a little bit obsessed with bath bombs. I’ve splurged once and bought one but after regretting my purchase I decided I would just live vicariously through these here insta stories and watch you guys transform your bath water. Lol! But, while prepping this post I came across two dope things! 1) A mold kit from Amazon that is 9.99 and 2) A recipe that I am pretty geeked to try out so I can quit stalking others and just make the water turn colors my darn self.

What do you guys think? Is convenience worth the health risks that are posed? Can we turn a blind eye to companies that do not fully respect their consumers just because there is a demand for their product? Show your body some self-love and create products that will cater to your own needs and save a little money while you are at it.

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