Boss Chick Feature: Get Bossy With Shavone Charles

Image Instagram

Image Instagram

Can you believe November is already here!?! It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating our January Boss Chick and now, we’re already almost at year end. As the months have passed, we’ve introduced you to some awesome women that continue to inspire us and this month is no different.

The internet, more specifically apps like Instagram and Twitter, have opened us up to discovering awesome people around the world. Shavone Charles is one of those ladies that empowers by simply being herself. This Cali girl brings a love of sneaks, a penchant for the flute (she plays professionally) and a serious resume as she promotes positivity and shows us all how to make your passion your paycheck as the Head of Music and Youth Culture PR at Instagram.

So, why exactly is Shavone our November Boss Chick? We’ve got three reasons why she inspires us in the BOSSiest way possible. Let’s get to it.

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