The Finale: " Legs That Demand A Second Look" with Shay Green

We’ve come to the end of our time with Shay Green Fitness, and what a time it was! With such a variety of goodies to choose from, if you haven’t noticed a change in your legs after adding her fixes to your routine, you must just not be doing it right! This is just a small taste of what Shay has to offer and I challenge you to contact her and let her help you work on your fitness! She even has a challenge she will be starting at the beginning of 2016 that would be great to jump start your new year!

But I know what you all came here for.  Let’s get into our last leg workout with Shay. P.S. This happens to be my favorite of this series...


Squat Burpee with a Plyo Jump

I am a firm believer that “the burpee” is one of the greatest exercises you can do to increase muscular strength and improve cardiovascular fitness.  For those looking to take your workouts up a notch try my squat burpee with a plyo jump.

1.     Find a box where the height is appropriate for your skill and fitness level for jumping.  Try a few jumps on the box without the squat if this is your first time attempting box jumps.  When jumping, keep your chest and body centered, facing the box.  With one motion, using the power from your legs, jump up on the box, keeping the feet shoulder width apart.  

2.     To incorporate the squat, attempt a box jump as instructed above.  When you land on the box, engage your core, balance and sit back into a squat, being careful not to fall off the box.

3.     Once your body is stable in the squat, jump off of the box with your body facing front through the entire jump.  Balance, and land solid on your feet.  Continue through the movement by squatting, distributing the weight of the body through the heels of the feet.

4. While at the bottom of the squat, place hands on the floor in front of your body, preparing the body to hop back into a full body plank position.

5.     Jump both legs back behind the body into a plank position.

6.     Perform one push-up.

7.    Hop the knees back into the position for a squat.  Legs and feet are approximately shoulder width apart.

8.     Squeezing the legs and glutes, bring the body up into a standing position.

Try 3 sets of 15 to take your leg workout up a notch!


*Featured in all of the videos: Texas Wesleyan baseball player Jonathan Bravo.*