What A Difference The Shoe Makes: A Lifter's Guide

As we enter the new year with our new goals and focus, one thing that I am really determined to do is to be really intentional about my workouts. I am by no means a “body builder” but over the last couple of weeks I have been doing extensive research on what shoes I am needing to invest in to really take my time in the gym to the next level. Specifically in dealing with weight lifting.

Now, my normal gym checklist involves a cute social media worthy outfit, matching water bottle, fitness belt, and of course the latest and cutest kicks that serve as the cherry on top to my ensemble. But as my focus is shifting (you guys are still going to get these insta-stories)  and ultimately my goal being to perfect my form and really tone my body I know that some things are going to have to change, starting with my footwear.

From my research, I have come to the conclusion that if you want to activate more muscle and recruit more fiber the RIGHT shoes are a must! So how do you determine the right shoes for lifting weights? For one you must have a shoe that will help you in driving through your heels, which is why a running shoe and even a cross trainer normally will not do the trick because of the sole of these types of shoes do not support that. Don’t let the softness of your kicks limit your efficiency or alter your technique.  

If you are like me and on a budget, invest in a good pair of Converse as your lifting shoe, especially if you do not have any prior ankle injuries. Not only are they cost efficient but, they allow you to create a substantial amount of force that will transfer from your feet directly to the floor.

I can’t wait to take these out for a test run at Core Fitness! Keep in mind that your lifting shoes should be for just that - lifting. Don’t use them for cardio or on the machines because you won’t be getting the support you need and that may result in an injury that could have been avoided.

What are some lifting essentials that you recommend for this newbie? If they are cute that would be an added bonus!

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