Make Your Morning Routine Work For You

I am a creature of a habit, which sometimes works in my favor and other times not so much. But, when you are wearing so many hats, you genuinely want to ensure that you are creating quality days, rich with positive interactions, productivity, and intention. This is why I swear by my morning routine. Getting myself centered and ready to take on my terrific (insert smirk) two-year old Peyton, and make it through the day with my 150+ moody high school seniors, run my site, social media, and remembering to breathe is a process. But I make it happen each and every day because I have a bullet proof routine. So, what exactly are the ingredients in this recipe of awesomeness?!


I set my alarm for 4:45 a.m Monday-Friday. Why? Because I know that waking up for me is a process. I am a morning person but I do not jump out of the bed with a smile on my face just ready to start the day. So, I hit the snooze button a couple of times and really get the day started by 5 a.m at the latest. Allow your mind and body time to adjust to the day. That is part of self-care and taking care of your body. No one likes to be rushed, so make waking up a soothing process.

Prayer and Meditation

Morning time is also the best time to connect with whoever your higher power is and center your thoughts and focus on creating a space for your soul to thrive for the day. I personally indulge in reading 1-3 chapters of the New Testament using My Creative Bible that I recently purchased. The large margins allow for me to fully reflect and chart what I am hearing and feeling at the moment, the coloring aspect is therapeutic, and I love the fact that it will be something amazing to pass down to my daughter one day. I also do one devotional using one of the many plans that are available for free on my You Version Bible App. I close this time with meditating over my vision board and reminding myself all that will manifest in my life this year not only for myself but for those that I hold close to my heart.

Quick WorkOut or Yoga Session

I usually really sweat it out in the afternoon but I like to do a quick yoga series or a couple of my favorite fitness moves to get the day started and to get my blood pumping. Bigger than looking good, I workout for mental clarity and stress. For a period of time I suffered from postpartum depression and I managed that by focusing on consistent exercise and being really intentional about the things that I put into my body. Food is medicine. I wouldn’t say that I am completely free from this mental illness but my good days outweigh my bad these days and although I did not find support from the people I thought I would (more on that another time) using exercise as a method of coping has literally been my saving grace.

Fuel Your Body

I know as we get older more and more we skip breakfast and go straight for the coffee. I am personally a fan of grazing and make sure to eat every 3-4 hours to keep my metabolism pushing and my body fueled. My first meal/snack of the day tends to be in the liquid form. I love smoothies to start my day and have recently fell in love with ital Proteins Vanilla and Coconut Water Collagen Peptides. For those who follow me on Instagram you have seen me mixing up my morning doses by adding a variety of frozen fruits to make each day a new taste and a new adventure. We talked about the benefits of Collagen when I introduced you guys to the Vital Proteins Challenge, but at that time this flavor hadn’t been released. Can we say game changer?! Adding flavor to an already darn near perfect recipe really enhances the taste and I am super excited to try it out with some baking as well! Not only will this product help to increase hair and nail growth, but it also helps with joint, bone, and cartilage support to make you the best version of yourself.

This routine is important to me because with everything going on in life and in the world I love being able to wake up Peyton in a positive space, sing our “good morning” song, not having to rush her, sit down and enjoy a hot breakfast with her, and make sure that she knows how important she is to me so that she is prepared to take on her day. It means a lot to me. What do you do in the morning to guarantee an awesome day?

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