How the Gixo App Has Me Saying Goodbye To Excuses


One thing that I know for sure is that life happens. Everything isn’t always going to go according to plan. There are going to be days where the babysitter cancels, you run in to car trouble, your work has you traveling more than usual, or you just don’t feel like getting out of the house. It happens and there is no reason to beat yourself up about it. But, one thing that you can do is expect the unexpected and make sure that you are prepared for it.


Most people that are friends of FitXBrit have some level of fitness goals or a desire to do better when it comes to their health and fitness. So my goal is to always provide you with the tools that have helped me stay on the straight and narrow path. One thing that I am currently loving is the Gixo App, which provides you with live consistent fitness classes throughout the day taught be a certified trainer. The beauty in this is that the classes can be taken absolutely anywhere and range from 15 to 45 minutes, with no equipment. From strength training, to yoga, cardio, and running the Gixo app pretty much has even the busiest person covered. By adding the On Demand feature you now have the option to take classes on your own term. I personally prefer the live classes because it allows me to turn on the camera and get personal feedback from the Gixo coaches and interact with people all across the country!


On August first they started a burpee challenge and I want all of you to join too! Try out the Gixo App absolutely FREE and make sure you drop a comment or send a direct message so we can schedule a virtual sweat date! Check my instastories for the classes that I will be taking this week! I post them each Monday! 

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Please Note: The service mentioned in this post was provided by Gixo App This post is sponsored. All comments about this service are my own and I have and will always remain transparent about my opinions. I will not endorse any products that I would not use on my healthy living lifestyle journey.