Mom’s Best Friend: Reusable Pouches

I haven’t done too much talking about my little “mini-me,” but if you follow me or if you follow her on social media, you know that I have a 15-month-old little girl named Peyton who literally is my world!  As much as I love my little one, I have to admit being a new mom isn’t easy. I am learning that it is important for me to pick my battles and determine what is really important when it comes to how I want to raise her. Once I put that into perspective, everything else got a bit easier.



One of my top priorities has been her nutrition! It is really important for me to provide her with the best chance possible to embrace a healthy lifestyle early on, and if she makes the decision to go in the opposite direction once she is on her own that’s her business, but at least I know that I provided the foundation for her to have her own healthy living, lifestyle.



That said, she’s still a baby and I’m still responsible for pumping her full of yummy goodness. Reusable pouches have got to be the greatest thing for a mom who is determined to make most, if not all, of their kiddos food from scratch.  The great thing about these pouches is that they offer the flexibility that comes with being on the go and teaching your kids how to be self-sufficient. On the other hand, all reusable pouches are not created equal! There are, however, two brands that remain my go-to and a few honorable mentions that I trust as well.



First Up: Simple Baby Food Pouches


This brand doesn’t disappoint in a number of areas. After having a not-so-great experience with a brand that shall remain nameless, I stumbled across this company via Instagram. Their friendly demeanor and transparency was the thing that caught my attention. I am a sucker for a personable brand. No matter how big you get as a brand, it is always a plus to be relatable and reachable to your customers.




  • clear packaging

  • compact and easy to hold for new eaters

  • sturdy, durable, and easy to fill

  • easy to label


  • hard to clean corners

  • dishwasher safe, but the dishwasher doesn’t clean entirely

  • 3.75 oz is great for snacks, but as kids grow so do their appetites


Ultimately, I stuck with this brand from the time Peyton was 3 months and I am still using them today. I would definitely recommend this for kids of all ages. Perfect for yogurt, smoothies, and for snacks on the go. They also offer bundle services for mommies located in Los Angeles County, San Fernando County, Orange County, and San Diego County. This special service includes a personal baby food chef that delivers groceries to prepare a month’s worth of  homemade organic baby food packed in custom baby pouches. If only I was in Cali! *sigh*


Second Place: Moshiko Pouches

The first thing that caught my attention when it came to this brand were the corners and the size. Though Miss Peyton is tiny in size, she is a monster when it comes to food!  So, when I began looking for larger pouches and received a discount code from Moshiko, I decided to give them a try.


  • super easy to clean either by hand or in dishwasher

  • large in size; pouches can hold 6 oz of food

  • includes a clear panel


  • not very durable; if planning to use regularly they would need to be replaced about every 6 weeks.

  • zipper is durable but not the easiest to close

  • hard to fill without a funnel

Honorable Mentions

Eco Squeeze Reusable Food Pouches

Nature’s Little Squeeze Reusable Food Pouches

Brittany Giles